Would Changes to the School Year Help Parents?

I often hear parents say that they believe the school day starts much too early. Many students catch the bus as early as 6:30 a.m. Some studies show that students have a hard time focusing so early in the morning. While other studies show that girls tend to be more morning people than their male counterparts.

In speaking with one parent, she pointed out that the only way to fit in school, make the most of the added-value opportunities of extra-curricular activities and complete the stacks of homework sent home, is to start the day early.

Some parents would like to have school all throughout the year. But that would significantly decrease the incredible opportunities now available for children throughout the summer. It would also never give a child a break from certain bullies and older children would not have the opportunities to earn their own wages at summer and part-time jobs. Worst of all, children may risk serious scholastic burn-out rather than embracing a lifetime of learning.

Other parents would like their children to still have the same number of weeks off so they don’t burn-out with over-studying but to space them throughout the year rather than have them all lumped in the summer.

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