Women in Our Community Making a Difference

By Marianne Reid Anderson

In this special issue dedicated to women, we would like to highlight a few of the women in our community that are making a difference by sharing their inspirations, missions and so much more.

Women Difference pics_Joella

Joella Baker

Joella Baker – Owner of Get Fit Families, LLC.  Joella explains how and why she started her own business and became a certified USA Triathlon Coach, a USA Cycling Coach, a personal trainer through International Sports Sciences Association and a Yoga and Indoor Cycling or Spinning instructor.  “I believed I had the ability to help individuals reach their personal goals of running a marathon or completing a triathlon.   I started with a few clients and have now build the business to 25 clients.   I also realized that within Get Fit Families were kids.  The summer camps and year round triathlon and running programs for kids continue to grow and prosper.   In addition to coaching, I returned to event planning from my original career in non-profits.  I now plan eight local races, including two triathlons.   These events promote the sports I love and they help local non-profits.  Get Fit Families is so rewarding. Seeing people cross a finish line with smiles on their faces is very rewarding and I’m grateful I can be part of their lives in such a meaningful way.   More importantly, my new job allows me to spend a lot of time with my son. Spending so much quality time with him is by far the most rewarding part of owning my own business”.

Women Difference pics_Jaclyn

Jacklyn Herring PhD

 Jaclyn Herring PhD – Licensed Psychologist at The Psychological Cooperative at Malec, Herring & Krause. Dr. Herring shares why she became a psychologist, “I wanted to be a psychologist from the time I saw The Bob Newhart Show on TV when I was a kid. His character was empathic, gentle and funny, but I have to say it was a little disconcerting that his clients never seemed to get better.  So I chose a program of study rooted in research and measurement to be assured that I would know if people were getting better. Our profession can see people at the absolute lowest point in their lives.  And we empower them with skills and insight and they get better.  There are so many possibilities available in a career in psychology, from direct patient care working with people all through the age spectrum, to teaching to writing, to administration to developing new and exciting treatments”. Visit Jacklyn’s site at www.MalecHerringandKrause.com or www.DietLiberationCourse.com.

Women Difference pics_Harmony

Harmony Kaiser

 Harmony Kaiser – President of Harmony Salon in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Harmony Kaiser has been committed to her mission of providing individual beauty for clients over the past 12 years. This passion for enhancing individual beauty has long been an integral part of Harmony’s personal and professional development. Since opening Harmony Salon at the age of 22 in 2004, she has become one of the North Hills’ premiere stylist and colorist. Her customer’s include some of the region’s most notable business leaders, members of the media, and sports figures. Her commitment to customers, employees, and the community have allowed for several regional organizations to recognize Harmony as one of Pittsburgh s “Rising Entrepreneurial Stars” in 2004 and 2006. In 2009 Harmony released the Mothers Milc line of natural hair care products, and also harmony products exclusively sold at harmony salon. To learn more about harmony salon go harmonysalonpgh.com.

Barbara Killmeyer

Barbara Killmeyer

Barbara Killmeyer – Author of It’s Nobody’s Business but Yours explains why and how she became a witer, “I’ve always been an avid reader so I suppose that’s why I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always felt that writing something and having a lot of people read it would be the greatest thing that could happen to me. In addition, all through grade school and high school I enjoyed and did well in English classes so I guess I’ve always been preparing for a writing career without even realizing it. I wasn’t able to go to college right out of high school, but as an adult with a full time job as a secretary, a husband, and grown children I attended the University of Pittsburgh where I earned a degree in writing and one in psychology. It would have been so easy to just forget about a career in writing but I wanted it so badly that I just had to go after it. I’ve even written a book titled, It’s Nobody’s Business But Yours, which gives helpful advice to anyone who is either already in business or wants to start a business and make it grow and be successful”. Visit www.barbarakillmeyer.com to learn more or order a copy of her book.

Jackie Sorrenti

Jackie Sorrenti

Jackie Sorrenti – Owner and founder of Gals on and Off The Green golf shops. Jackie shares that, “Since 2004, Gals on and off the Green has been helping women look and feel better about themselves, by providing a great selection of stylish golf and resort wear, world-class customer service and by offering fit, fashion and function for women of all shapes and sizes (sizes from zero to 22). We expanded our retail foot print by opening a new location in Chevy Chase MD and Plano TX in 2013! We are very proud to be a “home town” brick and mortar retail expansion story. We also recently established our GALS Scholarship Foundation (where GALS stand for Growing, Achieving, Learning, Succeeding).The Foundation provides educational opportunities for women of all ages who participate in golf in some capacity (but you don’t have to be the best or most skilled golfer you can be a volunteer as a coach or have other involvement in golf). We are about women helping women – from fashion and sizing options – and now to educational opportunities…we are just going to keep pushing….because it matters…and we matter…one customer and one scholarship at a time”. Visit Jackie’s online store at www.galsonandoffthegreen.com.  

Women Difference pics_Donna

Donna Summers Moul

Donna Summers Moul – Certified Life Coach whose passion is to help women create their best lives.  She offers Individual Coaching and Coaching Groups for Women. Donna explains, “There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping someone else improve their life. Throughout my career as a therapist, I have helped hundreds of women to learn to love and value themselves, create firm boundaries, say no without guilt and to find their voice to become assertive and live happier, healthier lives.  More recently, as a LIfe Coach for Women, I help women own their strengths, reconnect to their values, rediscover their passions, and break through their barriers to create a purposeful, passionate and fulfilling life.  Coaching is fun, it is challenging and it is effective.  One women touched my heart recently when she said that “it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself.”  My advice for anyone considering coaching as a career is to attend a really good program like the Professional Coach Certification Program at Duquesne University to get an excellent coaching foundation”.  Check out Donna’s site at www.Especially-For-Women.com to learn more.

Women Difference pics_Shannon

Dr. Shannon Thieroff

Dr. Shannon Thieroff – Chiropractor, owner and founder of Dr. Shannon Thieroff and Associates. Dr. Thieroff shares why she became a chiropractor, “I became a chiropractor after realizing that I really resonated with the drugless and non-surgical philosophy. I wanted to be able to help people live in bodies that worked well and lasted a long time. Through my practice I became inspired to help other doctors realize their dreams of having busy practices with happy patients so I have mentored two women into business ownership. I developed a corporate and community wellness presence through my Healthyworks of PA company which has educated thousands of people in Pittsburgh about different aspects of preventative health and lifestyle. The combination of both seeing the reward of people getting better and developing other doctors to be able to help more people has made me love my work”. Visit www.choicechiropractic.net to learn more.

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