Who Do We Trust and Believe? 

By Ron Eichner 

      Hi folks, COVID-19 and the last year, 2020, were something we all could live without. One phrase echoed was to “follow the experts and science.” So, it kindled my mind to share a story with you about all those experts and science has also supported.  

 Looking back in the 1960s, we were told by the experts that a high-carb, low-fat diet was the best for us, and it turned into a full-fledged attack on the incredible-edible egg and raw milk. We were told that both are unhealthy and should be avoided. 

     Interestingly, eggs and raw milk were, and still are, the number one and two sources for complete protein. Eggs are a complete protein source; they have all the vitamins from A to Z, except vitamin C, 14 minerals, and antioxidants. Heck, God created the original multi-vitamin encapsulated in a shell. Fertilized eggs have all the nutritional values needed to have a chick fully develop and the energy to peck out of their eggshells in 21 days. Also, when a cow has a calf, her raw milk is all the calf needs to develop in their early stage of growth. If you give a calf processed milk, the calf isn’t long for this world. 

      As a family farm, we were up to 7,000 laying hens producing our eggs in the mid-1960s. The high-carb, low-fat diet was encouraged to open the door for processed cereals and suggested eggs don’t support our health. The untruths cast on eggs forced us to match our retail demands for eggs. Our laying hens count dropped to 2,000 hens, and we have been at that count for the last 50 years. At the same time, the banning of selling raw milk, forced us to sell our milk cows. Just think of all the family farms that were producing eggs and raw milk for decades when the assault by experts and science put a lot of farms in a negative way. 

     Now the experts with science support nutritional facts that show a diet of low-carbs and good fats can improve our health in several ways including promoting weight loss and decreasing body fat. Also, it benefits many health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. This should resurrect eggs and raw milk back to where they rightly belong as number one and number two. 

     The medical schools are like our Ag schools, not educating the students about the importance of nutrition. We have been told for decades that eggs should be avoided to manage our cholesterol levels. Fortunately, this claim is untrue! Although white eggs are high in dietary cholesterol, the effects on blood cholesterol levels are minimal. 

      My grandfather and dad instilled in me “that if you want to eat nutritionally smart it has to be grown nutritionally smart.” It all starts with our soils where our crops are grown. If our Ag schools are paying attention to the nutritional blights of our fruits and vegetables as nutritionists are reporting, there would be corrections on how crops are grown. Sadly, the focus is on crop growth, production and yield. Recent science has developed GMO seeds, and GMOs have been a three-letter buzzword that stirs attention. 

        I have never made a good follower. Always question the experts and science behind the agenda. But from time to time, asking God if I need inspiration I would welcome it, and inspiration always comes. 

        I hope you all have a safe July 4th, and it you want to talk about experts and science, you are welcome to stop by Eichner’s Whole Farm & Greenhouses and experience “Farm Fresh” at 285 Richard Road, Wexford, and get “the rest of the story.”