Welcoming National Aging in Place Council to the Pittsburgh Area!

logo_400x120By: Patricia Neurohr, Chair

I started my Personal Assistant and Home Care business, At Home with Ease, after I experienced the lack of necessary in-home services to assist my parents when they lived alone and wanted to age in place.  Most of us have either experienced this first hand or know a family that has been impacted by a similar situation.

Several key issues have become clear as I talk to customers and their families:

1.) Very little planning or consideration is given to the values and preferences of the senior. Most of the time, services are sought after a crisis has occurred.  When this happens, choices are limited and the senior is frustrated and resistant to the limited options.

2.) It takes a village… Many services and support mechanisms are necessary to ensure a healthy, safe and successful outcome.

3.) Regardless of how much or how little people have in their financial reserves, they can’t stockpile years, time or health.  At some point, we all need some level of help. The process to get help is not straight forward.  It is difficult and time consuming to find the services that you need and the requirements for participation.

4.) Often families have the best intentions of assisting their loved ones but one or more members are geographically unable to help; leaving family support systems wondering how to find credible and vetted service providers and who can serve as an advocate to oversee this process?

When I discovered the National Aging In Place Council NAIPC, I could see that their mission was in sync with addressing these key issues and that this was a good fit for my business. After spending time with the Executive Directors and understanding their mission and goals I was impressed.   So impressed, that I made it my objective to find like-minded businesses, service providers, and non-profit organization in Pittsburgh who had the same mission and launch a local chapter. The overarching mission of NAIPC and the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter is to become the beacon for seniors and their families to navigate through this life transition and come out of the process a well informed consumer with a plan.

When a senior or their family contacts the NAIPC – Greater Pittsburgh Chapter they can be assured that members are bound by the NAIPC code of conduct and businesses are mindful that their success depends upon honor and integrity:

  • Treat all clients, their family and friends with dignity and respect
  • Conduct your business and yourself with utmost honesty and integrity
  • Take appropriate measures to maintain competence in profession
  • Protect customers’ privacy and confidentiality
  • Any product sold will be consistent with the needs of customer
  • Present all available options offered and provide necessary education to assist decision-making
  • Good-faith effort to resolve concerns received regarding service or products
  • Encourage clients to include and discuss decisions with family or other trusted advisers prior to purchasing a product or service

The NAIPC is a national organization experiencing considerable growth.  There are currently 25 chapters in the US and growing.  Families living away from loved ones can reference the national website for services in their area:  http://www.ageinplace.org. The NAIPC Greater Pittsburgh Chapter meets at the Eat n Park in Wexford, Pa once a month if you are interested in joining the chapter, interested in having the chapter provide an educational program related to Aging In Place or in need of specific services please contact us at greaterpittsburgh@ageinplace.org.