Wayne Homes

It’s hard to build your dream home when your builder only gives you several floorplans to choose from, but at Wayne Homes, with their 50-customizable floor plans, you don’t have to fit your dream house into a builder’s mold.  

For over 40 years Wayne Homes has been building on-your-lot homes in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania and has the expertise and experience to construct the home you’ve always desired. “We build an average of 600 homes per year between our nine locations, with approximately 100 being built in Pennsylvania each year,” said Rhonda Cooper, Sales Manager, Greensburg location.  

Some may wonder if it is more difficult to build on your own lot. “We offer a Complimentary Homesite Evaluation to make sure the home you have in mind will fit on the property before you purchase it. This also gives us a chance to review your land and make sure that it’s buildable and won’t cost you thousands to improve,” said Cooper. If you don’t have a lot, Wayne Homes can help you find one. “We work closely with local realtors who specialize in land and keep us updated on new properties on the market all the time,” Cooper said.  

Building a new home with Wayne Homes does not cost more than purchasing one in a development. “We allow our customers to work with their own contractors to complete site-related work that needs to be completed before we build to ensure they are getting the best deal. We can also recommend trades for site improvements along with helping you to get everything ready to start construction. And you get all this expert knowledge absolutely free!” said Cooper. Wayne Homes also has a 180-Day Guaranteed Completion Date, which begins the day your foundation’s waterproofing is completed. 

“Anyone can put sticks and bricks together, but not many have won the National Housing Quality Award twice or been chosen as one of the top places to work. We don’t want to just sell you a house. We want to help you and your family make the best decision possible for your home,” said Cooper. 

To learn more about Wayne Homes, visit the website at: https://waynehomes.com/