Walking in a winter wonderland-in style!

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By Kelly Smith

Winter has arrived and it did not come alone.  It brought an unwelcomed visitor by the name of Old Man Winter.  I don’t like him.  In fact, I don’t know anyone that does.  Well, maybe those cute parade of penguins at the zoo but they’re indifferent to our winter fashion plight.   We’ve all become experts on bundling up with layers and layers of cotton, wool, and puffy down coats.  Underneath all of those outer layers sits a cute, well put together outfit just dying to be seen but those puffy layers are shielding it from all.  Showing off your style while fending off frostbite, can be a bit of a challenge but there are a few things that you can do that will keep the cold at bay that does not require a bulky, heavy get-up.  Here are some top tips for greeting the season in style:

Invest in a quality coat— After Christmas shopping season is the very best time to grab up the goodies at the mall and coats are no exception!  Now is the perfect opportunity to buy that coat that you would normally bypass due to price.  Take advantage of the sales and consider buying a couple of styles that are fitted and tapered.   To keep maximum style, stick to a classic cut that can be worn for many years. Basic black is no longer the rule in basic.  Look for hot styles in winter whites and creamy vanillas- just don’t forget the scotch guard!   If you want to stand out in a crowd, opt for a swing coat in a bold color or print.

Add those accessories— We all know that accessories can either make or break a look so choose wisely.  Styles are hot and prices are cool, so do stock-up on the accessories.  Bright scarves, cute trendy hats and gloves in every color of the rainbow are a winter outfits’ best friends! Hats aren’t for everyone so why not try a cute headband or earmuffs this year?  Make a statement by keeping the look sleek with a matching set of hat & gloves or go wild & loud with a mix and match of patterns & colors.  It is winter after all so anything goes!

Boot camp— Boots are quite efficient for keeping the snow out and the warmth in but not all boots have to conform to the standard galosh monstrosity.  There are now many designers that combine style and practicality and winter boots are no exception.  Sherpa lined ankle boots are sure to put a bit of style in your step while still keeping the arctic air out.  Tall knee boots that are fleece lined will keep you even warmer than ankle boots and even better, many are now made specifically for winter.  Snow boots are a real asset in this region, so I recommend getting at least 1 good pair.  They are usually a little more than fashion boots but worth the investment.  These too, have changed over the years to reflect a more fashionable flair while still functioning as protection from the elements.

Like it or hate it, winter is here, so weather you’re trudging over the river or through the woods, you’ll be getting to Grandmothers’ house in style!