Waist-Slimming Style Tricks

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By Kelly Smith

     If you want to lose weight to look svelte in your holiday apparel by the holidays, it’s probably a little too late. Forget the turkey- it’s all of those wonderful sides of stuffing and gravy and pies and wine that did us in.  Thanks, Thanksgiving!  Of course, you can start those tummy crunches now or…. you can wait, like the rest of us, until January.  But in the meantime, how do you get a smaller looking waist for the next round of holiday merriment?  Well let’s get started!
  Waist defining tops—You can never go wrong with a wrap blouse, be it with a tie or clasp or zipper this look instantly slims.  Tailored buttoned tops that are tapered work well too, as do blouses that gather at the waist.  A V-neck will also give you a visual slim down. Styles to avoid:  cropped, empire waist and anything that hits above the collar bone.
Add fullness below your waist—To balance out a thicker midsection, try a flowing dress or skirt that has clean lines ( i.e.: no ruffles). Flat front pants with wide a leg bottom is also a good selection.
Accentuate your waist— This trick may seem counterintuitive but it really does work.  While I use the word “accentuate” it really should be “camouflage” because the best way to distract attention from a thick waist is to define it.  You can do this by cinching with a large buckled belt or any other belt that has big embellishments.  It’s kind of the same technique used by celebrities that are trying to conceal their pregnancy by carrying an oversized handbag. 
(Subtle) Body hugging fabrics—Now, I am not encouraging any of us to run out and squeeze yourself into one of those crazy spandex morph suits (only my young teenage son can pull off that look) or anything else that is 100% spandex for that matter.  However, the right amount of Lycra or spandex (usually 5% or less) can and does work wonders on creating a slim waist. Stick with styles that have darts or seams at the waist.  V neck tops with a little bit of ruching will give you that vertical line, thus disguising a not so taut tummy.
Monochrome madness— A big fashion snafu is that monochromatic dressing is limited   only to the color black. This idea is so outdated – so why not try something new?  Obviously, there are some colors that you should avoid such as all whites, nudes, or yellows (remember, I am only referring to those of us that are trying to minimize our mid section) but there are many more colors out there that flatter such as rich reds, shades of plum and if you really like dark, then try a trendy heather gray. As always, remember to add that belt to accentuate your waistline.
     Here’s to enjoying a glorious holiday season and all that goes with it.  Go ahead, indulge in those snickerdoodles and by all means have another gingerbread man paired with a nice fireside Merlot…  Just keep that waistline cinched tight this month because those much needed tummy crunches will be waiting for you in January!