Make YOUR Mark! Mark YOUR World

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How will you make your mark on the world? What path will you go down? Will you choose medicine? Law? Economics? Education? These questions may seem overwhelming to students who are just about to enter high school; however, Vincentian Academy can help with the answers through innovative academic course selections, 12:1 student/faculty ratio, and collaborative learning environments that encourage students to explore opportunities for life after high school. “Vincentian Academy is the perfect choice for students who are looking for an education that stimulates thinking, identifies strengths and talents, and promotes academic, personal and professional success,” says Lauren Petricig, Vincentian Academy school counselor, who advises each student regarding their own personal educational path.
Mark YOUR Direction
Vincentian Academy students are on a four-year journey that enables them to investigate education and career options. Class after class, year after year, students are able to navigate the best route possible to achieve their desired goals, whether it be through the Academy’s highly regarded college preparatory course of study, or its International Baccalaureate program which is the only one offered by a Catholic high school in southwestern Pennsylvania. What is an IB Diploma? It is a challenging educational program for a community of schools worldwide, who aim to create a greater, more peaceful world. Whatever the choice, students acquire the knowledge, confidence and conviction to excel beyond what they thought possible.
Mark YOUR Environment
Vincentian Academy students learn in a faith-filled environment which welcomes diversity and incorporates the spirit and charisma of Saints Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac. A ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Vincentian Academy is more than a Catholic high school. It is a Catholic community of learners and educators who seek to inspire, involve, and incite positive change to the world. As such, Vincentian Academy students are empowered to make a difference, the core of their own successful futures. “Our students thrive in the Academy’s positive learning environment. Exceptional teaching coupled with intellectual learning produces the best and brightest young women and men in the region–our future leaders of the world,” added Petricig.
Mark YOUR Future
With an excellent education under their belts, Vincentian Academy students are able to enroll in the college or university of their choice: they have the option to choose exactly where they want to go and exactly what they want to study. The Academy’s outstanding academic reputation and stellar athletic programs makes its students very attractive to top-notch institutions of higher learning. Furthermore, the return-on-investment is well worth the expense: Vincentian Academy’s Classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 were each offered over $8 million in academic scholarships and awards, and, in the last two years, eight Vincentian Academy students were accepted and now attend the University of Notre Dame. Vincentian Academy’s Class of 2015 enrolled in 40 different colleges and ranked among the highest in the nation in SAT and ACT scores.
Mark YOUR Time
When it comes to your future, the time is now. Students who attend Vincentian Academy already have a “pre-requisite” for college admittance: Vincentian Academy is proud of the 100% college acceptance rate for the past 11 years. Students who mark their time at Vincentian Academy are destined to become great achievers, as witnessed by our graduates who are doctors, teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, designers, bankers, pharmacists, nurses, accountants, but most importantly, some of the most well-rounded, morally sound, faith-filled individuals in the world.
Mark YOUR Calendar
Prospective students for FALL 2016 should register for Vincentian Academy’s Entrance Exam which is scheduled for Monday, January 18 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. There is open enrollment for transfer students and the application process is fast and easy. All new and transfer students should email

Vincentian Academy’s Winter Open House is scheduled for Sunday, January 24 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
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