Vince Parrucci – Not All Real Estate Agents Are Created Equal!

For many people, the biggest investment they will ever make is in a home. A home, however, is not merely a financial investment but an investment of your hopes and dreams as well. That being said, finding the perfect agent to partner with you in the selling or buying of your home is not to be taken lightly. It is estimated that in the Route 19 corridor between the North Hills and Cranberry alone, there are over 1,000 real estate agents. With so many agents to choose from how can you be certain that the one you choose will be the perfect fit for you? 

    Vince Parrucci, author, real estate investor and Realtor with Coldwell Banker Real Estate, said, “Everyone knows a real estate agent. It may be a friend, a relative or a neighbor. Here is where thoughtfulness and planning come into play. If you don’t do your due diligence and look into just how accomplished and experienced these agents may or may not be, problems can, and often do, arise. Simply being a Real Estate Agent in this competitive field isn’t enough. The buying or selling of a home is far too important for anything less than the absolute best. You need to ask yourself the question: Are you really willing to trust what may be the biggest financial decision of your life to someone who isn’t at the top of their field?” 

 “A Realtor/Real Estate Agent is a professional like any other,” Vince said. “If you were selecting a doctor or a lawyer, you would check their credentials, education and experience. The same vetting is advised when choosing a Realtor/Real Estate Agent.” For many, buying or selling their home is just as important because we are dealing with a big part of their financial life.” 

 Vince is more than qualified to speak regarding the qualifications necessary to properly represent someone. After working more than 17 years in the financial and banking industry as a Vice President for both Mellon Financial Corporation and Allegheny Financial Group, Vince began to invest in Real Estate over 18 years ago and quickly built a considerable portfolio of investment properties, at one time, owning 147 rental units that were worth over $5 million and generating $720,000 annually in gross rental receipts. “I had very few problems with tenants, but with that many properties, I spent most of my days paying bills,” Vince said with a laugh. Knowing the importance of understanding the financial ramifications that come with the purchase of a home or investment property, Vince now focuses his time and attention on families looking to buy and sell their homes. He also has an exclusive program for investors looking to gain their financial freedom through real estate investment. 

 Vince also has extensive experience with high-end “flips” with values ranging from $367,000 – $620,000 in areas such as Squirrel Hill. “Flipping is a very attractive option due to the potential big profits, but the big profits only come when you minimize your risk. That is how you maximize your profits,” said Vince. 

 Very few real estate agents have ever owned investment properties let alone accomplished some of the milestones that Vince has over the years. His experience allows him to see the unseen in a potential home purchase or sale. Unfortunately, in this business, mistakes equal money. It can be something as simple as a provided comparison being off by a few thousand dollars or an estimate from a contractor that is off by a couple thousand. The average person or realtor may not recognize these mistakes, but they are critical. Missed money adds up very fast.  Vince has the hard-earned track record that allows him to be the professional you need, whether you’re looking to buy or sell your dream home or jump into the world of investment real estate. 

 Here are Vince’s top-5 tips when looking for a qualified real estate agent.

1. Are they a full-time agent and if so, for how long?Most often, part-time just agents just don’t treat the business as serious as it needs to be treated. 

2. What is their proven track record? Anyone can get lucky and sell a home every now and again, but what you need is someone that can show consistent successes. 
 3. Do they know the market? Many neighborhoods are what I call “niche” neighborhoods,and it is very important to know the area like the back of your hand. I can personally recall years back people losing lots of money investing on the North Shore and Mexican War streets area due to values swinging wildly from street to street. You can never assume that an entire area is a good choice.

4. Does the agent understand and possess the sales psychology needed to be successful for you?The commodity we deal in is a house, but make no mistake that sales sit at the top of this game. This is where your money is made or lost.  My good friend Frank McKinney who designs and sells spec homes in the $50 million range is the master of this. I have studied under Frank and apply the same strategies with my clients that he uses to sell to billionaires. 
 5. This last tip is a big one, and I have found it to be very applicable to finding the perfect agent. I’m a firm believer that an agent should have plenty of their own personal buying and selling experiences, more specifically, owning investment properties. Being an investor myself has helped me relate to my clients on another level, giving me the edge to make the buying/selling experience the best it can be. It’s an entirely different game when you’replaying with your own money, and that is how your client needs to be treated as if it is your money. 

 “Many people have emotional ties to their homes, but at the closing table, buying or selling a home boils down to an important business transaction. As such, it is essential that your real estate agent be well versed in all aspects of the real estate business. My experiences have made me uniquely qualified to represent people not only in a manner they deserve but in a manner they need,” said Vince.  

 To find out how to obtain Vince as your personal agent, contact Vince Parrucci at, call (724) 612-3770