Triple B

By Ron Eichner 

         Hi folks, it is an understatement that we are living in interesting and uncharted times. With two holidays, Christmas and New Year’s, a week apart, it feels as though they are miles away. Christmas gifts may be a series of pictures of items that currently can’t be purchased because the things are out of stock. Heck, we don’t know what the prices will be when the gifts are available. 

        As farmers, we know that if you feed livestock, you generally get crap in the end. So it indeed parallels Triple “B”- Bring Back Better, you can feel it, and for sure, in the end, you get crap. 

        Triple “B” warrants being a series, and it can be the best cellar with a race to the bottom. Owning your farm or business meant you could never be laid off or have your job offshored. Best of all, you could employ others and bestow on them the gifts of learning life skills. 

Look around, and all you hear and see is businesses need workers at every level, and farms are no exception. In the farming community, countless jobs can give individuals some life skills which can be used throughout their lifetime.          

         Work has been the cornerstone of most citizens’ identities and certainly not inspired to live off government checks. So, instead of the government stepping back and letting businesses do what they do best, the government feels it’s better to pay people not to go to work and stay home. 

         As a multi-generation family farm, we learn to manage and understand costs. The joy my dad had was, it seemed, the managing skills came naturally to me. No farm or business can succeed or prosper if it functions and manages the way government at every level functions. If the government had to manage pennies as most small businesses are masters of, maybe they could clearly define how they will cover spending one and half-trillion dollars on infrastructure, and it doesn’t cost us a dime! Any business would welcome their model of protecting their spending by going to the Federal Reserve and telling them to print the money to cover the debt. 

         An interesting deflection is it is often said, “That no business person can function in government and succeed, but the model of government would fail in business every time.” We hear the average person can’t run for most elections because of the vast sums of money needed to run a campaign. Well, maybe if the government would say you only can spend whatever the annual income is of that position. Then perhaps everyone could have the opportunity to step up and serve and then return to the private sector. 

         So Triple B will be a series to shed light on the paths we can choose in the maze of life and hopefully find the light at the end of the maze is the path to our future as, “One nation under God for which it stands!” 

         As a family farm business, we wish your families and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2022. If you’re seeking some trimmings for a traditional Christmas, Diane’s homemade cookies by the dozen are a good start. A “breakfast of champions” is our high-energy eggs and homemade sausages. Canadian bacon and slab bacon are also a hit if you have visitors. Finally, you are welcome to stop by Eichner’s Whole Farm & Greenhouses and let it be your year-round destination for 2022, at 285 Richard Road in Wexford, and get “the rest of the story.”