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Tricycle Learning Company is amazing.  They helped my son improve his SAT score and tutored him and assisted with college applications.  My son has been offered numerous scholarships.”
~Joella Baker from Get Fit Families in Zelienople, Pa.

Back to School is quickly approaching, and Tricycle Learning Company offers families ways to prepare and adapt by getting Back to Basics. Tricycle Learning Company teaches students to move from a passive mindset to an active mindset when it comes to their study habits.

“The pandemic certainly triggered student disengagement due to the asynchronous study environments and lack of structure and accountability. Because of our commitment to each of our students’ success, we help families identify and overcome roadblocks in their schoolwork.  Our processes are consistent – yet flexible – because we are a small, family-run business,” said Founder and President Christopher Yco.

Tricycle Learning Company’s college preparatory services have a three-pronged approach.  First they emphasize that grades are paramount, and TLC offers academic tutoring to supplement what students are already learning in their classrooms.  The second is to maximize SAT/ACT/College Entrance Exam scores; TLC trains students to confidently and strategically dissect each component and arrive at the correct answer.  The third element is college application completion assistance.  TLC provides services from selecting the appropriate college/s in alignment with students’ goals, to writing an impactful essay or personal statement, and organizing financial aid and grant applications. 
Tricycle Learning Company also understands what college admissions counselors are seeking in student applicants. TLC knows admissions counselors are not only seeing students’ grades in black and white; they are looking at the progression of difficulty of the classes students choose throughout high school.

With SAT/ACT preparation, TLC trains their students in a bootcamp-like environment. They progressively turn up the heat with timed drills, simulating the pressures of test day.
Tricycle definitely helped improve my SAT scores. I took my first one blindly without any tutoring and got a decent score but not good enough to get me into my college of choice. After working with them I developed the strategy needed to tackle the SAT which led me to being able to CHOOSE which college I wanted to go to,” said Camille Cohen, current student at University of San Diego.

Most importantly, Tricycle Learning Company’s biggest source of inspiration is the belief that all students should have equal access to opportunity. Christopher Yco has made it TLC’s mission to encourage students to give back to their communities.

Wendy Porter-Coste, from Upward Bound in Long Beach, CA stated, “As the director of a pre-college program serving low-income, first-generation high school students, we were heavily impacted by the pandemic. Fortunately, we have a long-standing relationship with Chris and TLC. Once Covid hit, they were instrumental in supporting us in quickly transitioning to online services to keep our students connected and receiving the support they were accustomed to. Chris goes above and beyond to inspire and motivate students.” 

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