Tips for tastefully showcasing your Legs

LegsBy Kelly Smith

The heat is still on so use it to your advantage and show some skin!  We still have a good 6 weeks or so of summer sun in which to frolic and everyone knows frolicking just looks and feels better with a great pair of legs!  You don’t need to have a flawless set of gams to enjoy the latest styles that summer has to offer but you do need to know a few tricks of trade, so to speak.  Read on if you want to get a “leg up” on the remainder of summer!

Shorts or “short” shorts?  Well, it’s safe to say that most of us have outgrown the urge to don a pair of “Daisy Dukes” but aren’t yet at the point of rocking granny-shorts either.  So what’s a happy medium for us busy ladies on the go?  Well, it depends on a lot of things such as age, height, weight, and personal style.  While I won’t put an age as a cut off for a hemline, I will say that what worked for you 20 years ago may not be as flattering on you today.  Shorts do not need to be below the knee or even at the knee to look tasteful but just remember that the shorter you go, the more attention you’ll draw.  Make sure that you feel comfortable in the length that you choose and most likely, it will be the right length.

Perfecting imperfections— Whether you choose to flaunt those stems via skirt or shorts, you’ll need to have a maintenance check.  This means making sure that your legs are smooth and stubble free. This should be a top priority. Whether you choose waxing or shaving, a silky smooth leg is a sexy leg.  If you have bruises, cuts or scrapes you can always apply makeup- yes, regular facial make up such as foundations, powders and concealors.  (This is a trick that models and actors frequently use to hide body blemishes) If you have veins that cannot be covered, don’t fret.  A lot of women have this problem and while it’s best to have it medically evaluated by your physician, there are some cosmetic procedures that may be a good option; however, do your homework before having any cosmetic work done.  If you are really crunched for time then perhaps a spray tan will give you some coverage to hide spider or varicose veins.  Also, having tanned legs, instantly gives you a visual slim-down anyway so it’s a good idea to have some color on them anytime you have legs exposed.

Polished & pedicured— Finishing off your summer look definitely requires a good pedicure.  You don’t even need to have a pricey salon pedicure as you can easily do it yourself.  Neglecting your feet should never happen as they deserve equal treatment.  As long as your nails are groomed and polished then all is well!

Shoes & stuff— Your shoes can really make or break a look.  If you want to make your legs look longer then opt for a nude colored heel as close to your natural skin tone-this is one of a fashionista’s best kept secret!  Gladiator styles work best with a short hemline, while heels are always in fashion with flowy skirts or dresses.    I like to wear as high of a heel as possible while still maintaining a somewhat normal stride.  In instances where I can no longer bear the brunt of the sexiness those heels bring to my ensemble, then it’s time to break out the Dr. Scholl’s® “fast flats”.  Yep, fast flats.  You can buy them in just about any retailer that sells shoes.  They are basically ballerina flats that roll and are stored in a cute little gold wristlet that fits in your purse.  They are fast becoming my second best friend, behind those diamonds, of course.

Don’t let summer pass you by!  Get out there and look fabulous while getting back into the school shopping mode.  August is also a great time to buy up summer clearance items for next summer and it somehow adds fun to the ridiculous expectation of having to buy fall fashion when it’s still simmering out there.  Happy August and shop happy!