Three Rivers Adoption Council Making Changes 

For 39 years, Three Rivers Adoption Council has served as Pennsylvania’s foremost resource for foster care, adoption services, adoption information, referral services, support and education. To maintain its status as the highest quality provider of innovative family-focused adoption services, it is making some changes as it heads into its 40th year. 

“We are changing our name to TRAC Services for Families and will be moving the first of the year to West Carson Street,” said Ja-Neen Jones, Director of Adoption/Foster Care Services. “As we have expanded our services, we have outgrown our space in downtown Pittsburgh.” 

Some of those expanded services include emergency foster care for children of all ages. “Once you learn what TRAC does, you will never look at the news the same way again. When you hear of opioid overdoses, homicides or deplorable living conditions, often there is a child involved. We need families who can help in these emergency situations until that child can be reunified with their family,” said Ms. Jones.  

TRAC also seeks to place teens age 12+ and their siblings and teen moms into loving homes. “Allegheny County wants to take these teens out of group homes, and I always tell anyone considering adoption DON’T COUNT YOURSELF OUT! There are no financial requirements and no age limit. You don’t even have to own a home. If you can love a child and are healthy, you can provide a home for a child,” said Ms. Jones. 

TRAC also supports you all the way in your fostering/adoption and after placement. “Our Supportive Services are committed to helping all adoptive families not only ones who have adopted through TRAC,” said Ms. Jones. That includes supporting families in ways many would not think of. “We have a conference coming up on Nov. 17 at the Comfort Inn in Penn Hills called ‘I Am the Skin I’m In.’ It’s a diversity conference that helps those raising a child of color learn how to maintain healthy hair and skin habits,” said Ms. Jones. The full-day conference is $10 and includes breakfast and lunch and requires a reservation. 

To learn more about TRAC and the children it supports, visit the website at: 

By Janice Lane Palko