The Expense of Technology… Is it Justified

By Marianne Reid Anderson

A 10-year old colleague of mine recently pointed out to me that, “It costs $10 more to see a 3D movie than a regular one. And I don’t think that’s fair.” Depending on when you go, how you get tickets and any specials being offered, there is a definite up-charge for 3D movies that can range from 3D special days which have no increase, to only $3.00 for an upcharge, to all the way up to $10 extra.

His betweener-observation made me stop and think, “He’s right, there is quite a discrepancy in pricing.” Granted, there is the cost of the 3D glasses to consider and the additional graphic technology to make the movie 3D, but when considering the demographic of 3D movies, additional charges ranging to an additional 33% increase can be quite a drain on the wallets of the young and their parents.

Then, there is the larger issue to consider: how are prices determined, in general, and with such a range of pricing, are they being implemented fairly?  What do you think? How much is a reasonable mark-up to cover expenses and to make a sustainable profit for a business and how much is over-pricing that can’t be justified?

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