The Benefits of Honey


By Joella Baker 

As an individual suffering from multiple autoimmune diseases, I am always looking for natural ways to control inflammation in my body and stay healthy. One of these ways is by eating honey on a daily basis.  

I read years ago that honey has a number of benefits, so I thought I would try it myself. This is what I have found.   

I eat a spoonful of honey every day to help with my digestive tract. Honey is helpful in calming ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. As a person with Celiac disease, I use it to keep my stomach calm. It’s considered a natural probiotic. I often add it to peppermint tea in the morning to soothe my stomach.  

The honey is also anti-bacterial. The bees have a way to add enzymes to the honey-making process that produces hydrogen peroxide. This assists the body in fighting bacteria and is very useful for anyone with an autoimmune disease or simply trying to stay healthy. 

When I have a bad cough, sore throat or cold, a spoonful of honey helps to soothe all of them. I take a spoonful at night before I go to bed. 

As athletes, we are always looking for ways to perform better. Honey Stinger started to make their popular Honey Stinger products. Endurance athletes all over the world take these during their training and races. Honey is a natural way to enhance your glycogen during a long workout or race enhancing your overall performance. 

Other people are known to use honey as beauty products. It’s supposed to help in clear skin products. Others use it to help with cuts, burns and basic first aid.  

Honey is sugar. However, it’s been known to regulate blood sugar. It’s not the same as white sugar or artificial sweeteners. The simple combination of fructose and glucose actually helps to regulate sugars in the body if taken daily as a supplement.  

However, you must still watch how much you take during the day. You should not eat more than 2 tablespoons in most circumstances. It’s still high in calories, so please keep it in moderation. When I’m sick, I do take extra to assist my immune system in fighting what’s happening to my body. 

Lastly, honey contains flavonoids and antioxidants that help to prevent heart disease and cancer. 

Overall, honey is wonderful. My husband just attended a food show and brought me home two cases of honey. That will probably last me a couple months. He also brought me home the famous Manuka Raw Honey from New Zealand. It is $45 a bottle, but it is supposed to be the best in assisting with autoimmune diseases. 

A few things to watch, don’t ever feed honey to an infant or a young toddler. American honey contains specific bacteria that could be harmful to an infant or toddler. Older children are ok to eat honey though. If you over cook honey, it may be tougher to digest it. However, I do have an amazing Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe that my family enjoys.   

Thank for reading, everyone!  Enjoy your honey today.