Kean Quest Searches for the Next Big Star

Kean Quest January 2013

            Gibsonia’s own Jackie Evancho first stepped onto the Kean Theatre stage in 2008 to compete in the competition now known as Kean Quest Talent Search. Soon after, the pint-sized singing sensation won the hearts of millions as a contestant on America’s Got Talent. Now the preteen’s resume includes platinum records and sold-out concerts.

            American CountyMusic singer and Eat n’ Park spokeswoman, Sarah Marince, was a MoonTownship teenager when she first performed at the Kean. She has since moved to Nashville where she celebrated her chart debut in 2010.

            With the successes of their predecessors, local up-and-coming vocalists are excited to belt-out high notes to an audience of family, friends and industry professionals during the 10th season of Kean Quest Talent Search, sponsored by Northern Connection Magazine.  “Kean Quest Talent Search is an opportunity for individuals of all ages to showcase their vocal talent, gain stage experience and help a local charity,” said Debbie Panei, executive director of St. Barnabas Charities. Proceeds from this unique fundraiser benefit the St. Barnabas Free Care Fund. [Read more…]