Advice from Fellow Seniors

By: Barb Killmeyer

Last week my husband Don and I went for our daily walk at Ross Park Mall and after it, we went to Panera’s on McKnight Road for coffee. While we were enjoying our coffee, we noticed, at a nearby table, a group of senior citizens who seemed to be having a really good time. We had seen this same group there before so, at my husband’s suggestion, I approached their table, introduced myself, and asked them just one question. The question I asked them was this: “If you could give just one piece of advice to someone approaching their senior years what would it be?” Listed below are the answers I received and I think you would agree with each of them.

 1. Have a support group of friends, besides family, that you can talk to. I was surprised to learn that none of the group knew each other before meeting at Panera’s and now they meet there daily.

 2.Stay active mentally and physically. If you can’t go to a gym, then do what you can. Walking is inexpensive and can be done just about anywhere, and they suggested that you begin each day by doing the puzzle in the daily paper. [Read more…]