Choosing Your Child’s Summer Camp, A list of Questions

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 by:  Joella Baker

Choosing a summer camp for your child involves some important research. Remember, the camp experience will have a significant impact on your child’s life, so doing the appropriate research and making sure you choose the right camp is essential.

Here are some questions for you to ask before signing your child up for a camp.

The main thing is to determine your goal for your child at the camp.  Is it an educational camp, a sports camp, a skills camp or just a fun activities camp?  What are your child’s interests and goals?  Determine this before signing up for a camp and ask these questions….

  1. What do you and your child want to gain from the camp? Learn new skills, develop more self-confidence or become more independent?
  2. What is the experience of the staff?
  3. Are there any physical, intellectual or social limitations that should be considered?
  4. What is the cost of the camp?
  5. Where is the camp located?
  6. What are the hours of the camp?
  7. What are the specific goals the camp offers for each child? [Read more…]