Support our Troops: Tom Schad Marine Corps Reserve 

        Dignity Home Care Professionals is a veteran-owned, family-run elder care service.  Co-owner, Tom Schad followed in his family’s footsteps when he decided to serve his country.  “I was compelled to join the military due to the many family members who served, both my grandfathers in World War II, a great uncle in the Korean War, an uncle in Vietnam and several cousins who served in the liberation of Kuwait from Iraq in the early 1990s,” Tom said. 

         He spent nine years in the Marine Corps Reserve.  Tom served as a heavy equipment mechanic in support of various operations.  He was deployed twice.  “I joined the Marine Corps Reserve and was standing tall on the famous footprints on my 18th birthday in June 2000.  The year before I graduated from North Hills High School, my cousin joined the Marines following his graduation.  I wanted to prove that I could be the best as well.  I knew my life would benefit long-term from the discipline and training I would receive,” Tom added. 

          This ended up being a rewarding experience for Tom.  As he noted, “Being in the Marine Reserves afforded me various opportunities to interact with the public. My Master Gunnery Sergeant was active in his community of Newton Falls, Ohio. Every year, our unit would take pieces of equipment to participate in their Independence Day parade. I always enjoyed talking to members of the VFW, The Marine Corps League and other veterans’ groups. The knowledge they shared and history they know will pass with them unless we take the time to learn from their experiences.” 

           Tom is a member of the VFW, and he and his wife, Bethany, support Wounded Warriors and other veteran’s suicide awareness groups.  His company, Dignity Home Care Professionals, just launched a program offering a 10 percent discount to veterans and their widowed spouses.   

          “I always wanted to be an advocate for seniors or help older people in some way. When I was young, my great uncle (the man who served in the Korean War) suffered a stroke. After weeks of rehab, he was gaining back some motor and verbal functions. Unfortunately, he suffered a second stroke and was moved to a nursing facility close to my grandparents’ home, so we had many opportunities to visit him. My great uncle always wore a mustache, but in his last days, while in the nursing facility, one of the aids cut it off in order to make feeding a bit easier. I remember how upset my family was,” Tom said. 

         “Our aim at Dignity Home Care Professionals is to provide the highest quality care while giving our clients the utmost respect they deserve. Helping them maintain their dignity is our priority. One of the things that makes our company unique is the family involvement.  My wife and her mother, Hana Haatainen-Caye, run the business and various members of both families work in some capacity to help us succeed. We feel honored to serve the senior population throughout Pittsburgh,” Tom said.  To learn more, visit  

 By Paula Green