Summer street style to go

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By: Kelly Smith

From Barbeques to picnics and everything in between, summer is finally here!  Most of us plan to spend as much time as possible outdoors but when the mercury rises, sometimes, fashion is the last thing on our minds.  With spontaneity in the air, finding the perfect outfit to rock can be a challenge but, not to worry.  Trying to piece together a summer look is not as difficult as you may think.  One of the benefits of warm weather is the nod of approval to throw on a dress and sandals, yet still be within the confines of “summer style”.  Let’s go over a few of summer’s go-to dressing that covers everything from brightening up the sunny days to spicing up hot summer nights!

  • Dress you up! — I love summer dresses! There is a dress for every body type.  Some, of course look better on others but it doesn’t take long to find your best look.  I always like to have a few maxi dresses on hand for long days at a family picnic or just a Sunday afternoon out with the family. Loose, flowy materials are great for beating the heat under the sizzling sun.  Keeping the temperature and occasion in mind, I always recommend a look that is cute, comfy, and shows a bit of skin. Short frocks rock on steamy summer days and what better way to show off those legs that have been undercover all winter?  Strap on a pair of wedge heels and you’ll be the belle of the BBQ!   For those balmy evenings, keep the look cool and romantic.  A form fitting sheath is right on par and screams sophistication.  Add an updo, a few layered bangles and a strappy pair of sandals and the evening is sure to be a hit!


  • Short & sweet—It’s really all about extra ventilation but you can wear shorts without them being too short.  Shorts can be worn with confidence, in many ways; from practical to fashionable to comfortable.  They allow you stay active while still throwing style at everyone. After all, who knows when an impromptu game of kickball will pop up at your next picnic or grad party?  A lot of us avoid shorts for a lot of reasons but the truth is, most often than not, whatever flaw we see can usually be fixed. Legs too pale?  Hello, self-tanner.  Legs heavier than we’d like?  Well, hello again, self-tanner.  Perhaps we feel they are too short?  Stick with a solid color.  Too thin?  Lucky you- move along.  Varicose veins?  A combination of a spray tan and or concealer will work best to camouflage those veins.   Ankles a bit thicker than you care for?  Try an ankle strapped sandal.  Whatever style you choose, keep it classy.  A good rule of thumb for us ladies- don’t wear shorts that are tattered or torn and do not wear your daughter’s shorts- even if you are the same size- there is a reason department stores have a “junior” department.


  • Tip-top shape— summer dressing should be a breeze with all the sheer tops available this season! Try to add a few new crisp white blouses this summer as the season calls for it!  It’s always a good idea to keep your upper body light and airy to leave room for accessories.  Sometimes simplicity is best and white is a timeless fashion statement.  It goes with everything and you dress it up or down in a pinch by either adding or dropping accessories. I always like to keep a few white tanks on hand for layering.  Look for styles that can be worn with everything from skirts to jeans to dress slacks, this way; you’ll be ready for anything!


  • Shoes and scarves and jewels, o my! — With the whimsical days of summer upon us it only seems fair to have our accessories shine with just as much whimsy. From summery sandals to beachy baubles, accessorizing for summer is a breeze.  Try infusing a pop of color into the mix and stock up on all things bright and cheery!  Coral and yellow are showing up everywhere.  This includes purses.  Pack away your everyday black bag and instead, add a splash of summer with a bright bag in red, teal or fuchsia.  If you are insistent on being a “neutral” girl then grab a bag in the beige/ white family.  Summer scarves are definitely on the “nice” list this summer but do be sure they are not your dark and bulky scarves from winter.  Sheer, light and bright are key when hanging anything around your neck this season.  When it comes to jewelry, everything this summer is all about living chic.  Heavy metals, geometric designs, art deco, to name a few are all popping up.  Stackable rings and bracelets are also getting some attention.  Up for a turning a few heads at your next outdoor event?  Try adding a beaded head band to really amp up the sparkle factor- it’s the next best to showing up wearing a tiara!

When the temperature soars fashion is usually the last thing on our minds so don’t sweat it.  We are all in this together so find your summer style inspiration from one another!