Summer fun skin care

Summer Fun Skin Care

By Kelly Smith

The lazy days of summer are just upon us and that means easy living!  Summer is synonymous with sandals, shorts and sleeveless dresses, so it makes sense to start thinking about protecting all of that exposed skin.  When the beach is beckoning and the pool is calling your name, it’s important to remember to safeguard your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.  Usually, sunscreen is the first choice and, rightly so, but, that’s only the first line of defense against the sun.  You don’t need to wrap yourself up like a mummy that’s on an island retreat, but good summer protection starts with a little planning.  Summer skin protection isn’t just limited to UVB rays toasting our skin. The high heat and humidity can really wreak havoc on everything from our hair and lips, and to everything in between.  Read on for quick tips to keep you dancing the day away in the sun!

Sunscreen essentials– obviously, a good sunscreen is a summer staple.  Any brand will do, but to get the maximum protection, an SPF of at least 30 is recommended and even higher for those of us with fair skin.  Truth be told, a good SPF of between 30-50 will offer just as good of protection as an SPF of 100 if used correctly.  In other words, some people may negligently think that an SPF 100 will allow them to frolic in the surf all day but, unless you reapply every hour or so, that SPF is not going to be much different than its lower counterpart.  The high SPF’s tend to give a false sense of sun security so a good rule of thumb to follow is to just reapply every hour.

Silky skin—the best time to moisturize is straight from the shower.  Your skin will be freshly exfoliated so be sure to load up and lock in that moisture! Pay attention to areas that are often abused by shaving, i.e.: arm pits, legs, bikini zone. These areas tend to feel the burn, so, by using a good hydrating moisturizer, you’ll create a much need barrier for tomorrow’s shave.  So, shower, shave, pat dry and moisturize. I really like the spray moisturizers because they can be used with ease and require little to no dry time.  Suave® and St. Ives® both have a great selection in fun summer scents such as, coconut and grapefruit.

Hair, face and lip service– Your hair will no doubt, take a lot of abuse this summer.  Between salt water, chlorine and the sun’s rays, your hair needs some TLC too!  If you can get away with washing your hair every other day, do so.  Your hair needs the essential oils to keep it naturally protected but if you must wash, use a good “leave in” conditioner and, if prudent, one that contains an SPF.  I would recommend this if you plan on spending a full day at the beach or pool. Your face and lips deserve equal treatment.  This seems like a no-brainer but you wouldn’t believe how many of us still fry our faces to get that sun kissed glow.  It’s no secret that the sun’s harmful UVB rays damage skin if left unprotected, not to mention premature aging.  If your face absolutely, positively seeks a slice of summer solstice, then a self-tanner will do the trick.  Keep your kisser moist and safe by using a sheer lip balm with a 15 SPF.  Your lips will thank you!

Easy, breezy style to go–  IF the idea of slathering on sunscreen multiple times a day seems just too tedious for you, then I suggest letting UPF clothing do all the dirty work.  These specially formulated frocks, once reserved only for cute toddlers playing in the surf, are now mainstream and, compared to your average cotton shirt, can protect your skin as well as sunblock.  The technology is really quite a wonder and, the styles are so vast that there really is no shortage of style.  Hats off to UPF protected headwear too!  Columbia® Sportswear carries a line of cute straw hats at a reasonable price.  Scarves are getting in on the act too so don’t forget to pick a few up and let them fly in the summer breeze!

Summer comes but once a year so make the most of it!  Whether you’re lounging at the pool on a long, lazy day or beachcombing in the morning sun, remember to care for your skin.  Tis the season of fun in the sun- enjoy it as the seasons change so fast!