Stop Feeling Guilty, Get Out and Exercise! By: Joella Baker

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it just seems impossible to fit it all in.  We have our families to take care of, the house, the shopping, jobs, volunteer work and life.  When is there time to exercise?  For so many women, exercise is often put on the back burner.  I know finding enough time to take a bath without an interruption is hard enough, let alone taking some alone time to exercise.  The thing is you need to find the time. 

Trust me, I know it’s hard.  Not only is it tough to fit it in, but add in the guilt of taking time from your husband, your kids, your community to do something for yourself, well, it usually won’t happen.  The thing is you need to make the time.  Everyone knows that exercise is important to your healthy lifestyle.  However, many of you may not know all the reasons why exercise is so important to your life.  If you don’t exercise, the truth is, you won’t be as good a wife, mother, friend, business owner, employee or community volunteer.  Exercise will improve your health and your life.

Exercise is a key component of health. Studies tell you 30 minutes of exercise a day is all you need to improve your health.  Thirty minutes is certainly a great start, but an hour is ideal in making sure you’re truly reaping all the benefits exercise can offer.  So how can exercise change your life?

  1. You will lose weight.  Yes, exercise is certainly a prescription for weight loss.  It’s the number one way to trim fat from your body and make you feel better. 
  2. It’s a prescription for longevity.  Strength and weight-bearing exercises such as jumping, running or walking can help stave off osteoporosis (weakening of the bones).  Women can avoid deadly diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure if you engage in regular physical activity. Of course, for those who have these diseases, it’s easier to manage or control them going forward if exercise is a regular part of your life.
  3. Exercise will increase your HDL (high-density lipoprotein) – the good cholesterol – while decreasing LDL (low-density lipoprotein) – bad cholesterol.  You will, therefore, allow your blood to flow through your body more smoothly.
  4. You will release stress.  It’s true that exercise reduces stress.  You can clear your mind when you exercise, it allows you to think and re-focus on what you need to do, plus the endorphins released through exercise will put a smile on your face.
  5. Exercise will boost your immune system.  Those of us with kids know they bring every germ home from school.  By exercising, it allows your immune system to work better and exercise will actually help you to avoid getting sick as often.
  6. Exercise will boost your confidence.  If you look better, you’ll feel better and you’ll be happier. 
  7. Exercise increases your energy.  Try starting your day with a 30-minute walk, jog or strength-training program and see how much more energy you have throughout the day. 



Now it’s time to stop feeling guilty about taking time from your day to exercise.  You want to be around for a long time for your family.  You want to be healthy.  You want to look good.  You want to feel good, and, most of all, you want to be happy.  Remember, the happier you are, the happier those around you will be.  It’s contagious after all.  Therefore, stop wasting time.  Get out and start an exercise program today and feel guilty when you don’t exercise instead of the other way around.