Starting the Conversation Sporting Concussions: Are We Too Violent?

It’s been a few months but I am still reeling from seeing Antonio Brown of the Steelers get hit and fall to the turf like a rag doll during the last Steelers-Bengals game. Such a great athlete, and a victim of such a cheap shot. It got me wondering how many other times he and other players have been hit – by cheap shots or not. When you add up all the hits from pee-wee football through high school, through college and on to the pro teams, it must have to take a horrible toll.

Of course, due to advances in healthcare and technology, things are a lot better now than they were in the past. The technology of the helmets has improved; coaches, parents and athletic coordinators are more aware and most, if not all, teams have started implementing concussion protocols. Most importantly, parents of children engaged in sports are encouraged to have a baseline taken to monitor any effects or concussions going forward.

Then there are proponents who point out that at least football and hockey players wear helmets. Many healthcare workers are seeing concussions in every sport, including basketball, lacrosse, field hockey and especially skateboarders who try intense tricks that they see on TV and they rarely wear a helmet.

Besides the violence on the field, though, is the violence in the stands. For instance, the behavior of the Bengals’ fans, throwing things and some actually hoping Antonio was DEAD!! It would be unbelievable if it hadn’t actually happened on live TV. Is all this violence in our sports really just a manifestation of the violence in our society as a whole, from sports to random shootings to terrorist bombings? Are there too many individuals out there that don’t comprehend the finality of death?

But, as always, what do you think? Do you think football, sports, society are too violent? How do we give peace a chance or is that too old-fashioned? Let’s continue the conversation on my blog at or email me at