Starting the Conversation – People who Steal Handicap Parking Spaces

By Marianne Reid Anderson

It really burns my buttons when I see someone take a handicap parking space who obviously isn’t handicapped. It is common knowledge that those spaces are near the front and slightly wider for people who physically need it. Ever notice that these weasels always have such smug looks on their faces while they swagger away from their car? As if they are so proud of getting away with something?

I’m proud that I was raised to not even think of doing that to someone. Perhaps, though, I was raised to be superstitious? I was raised you should never do something like that or ride around in a wheelchair if you don’t need it; because, you are tempting fate and will end up needing one. 

While I may send a judgmental look their way or “tsk” at them, I never really confront them or point out the error of ways. After all, I don’t want to be the victim of road rage in the middle of a parking lot. Still, it really makes my claws want to come out. With all the crime that there is in the world, I can hardly expect security officials to police parking spaces – they have bigger concerns. I’m not sure of the moral or ethical questions of this behavior, either. It seems to at the very least scream of a lack of common courtesy.

Once though, one of these weasels caught me glaring at him. He shrugged and said, “I’m only human.” I shot back, “Being human should be a privilege and not an excuse.” He just looked down and kept going. Shouldn’t he have gone back and moved his car?

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