Starting the Conversation – What is the Fad with Fad Diets?

By Marianne Reid Anderson

When I read Joella Baker’s article on “Sticking With It,” I know she’s right and that exercise and a nutritious diet are the key. But fad diets just seem so alluring.  Why is that?

A good friend of mine recently lost a lot of weight and when I asked how he did it, he said the ELF diet and even though I knew better, I immediately said, “ooooo what’s that one?” He smiled and said “Eat – Less – Food.”   Funny, very funny, but it got me thinking, why do we so willingly follow the fad of fad diets?

I think I must be the guiltiest of all. After all, I trust Marie Osmond completely. And I am honestly happy for her that her diet plan worked for her and she seems so delighted. But, I just don’t think those plans with the ready-prepared food will work for me. I love to cook and I do tend to eat out quite a bit. My husband and I tried one of those no-carb diets and while my husband dropped pounds quickly, after about ten days, I started having trouble focusing and got extremely moody, so that ended that one. However, we did pick up a great habit of dinners consisting of lean meat, two veggies and a salad (when we eat at home). Then, being a Pittsburgher, I tried the soup diet, but somehow a grilled sandwich, dripping with butter and cheese, kept finding its way into accompanying the soup.

Alas, I keep trying, even though I know better – it’s just that there are so many success stories that accompany each fad diet – one has to work for me, right? What about you? Is there a diet plan that works for you? What exercise program or equipment do you like the best? Do you have a success story you’d like to share? Let’s continue the conversation on my blog at