Starting the Conversation: Do You Believe In True Love?

Amanda & Kevin Butler Married June 15,2013 Alicia Photography

Amanda & Kevin Butler
Married June 15,2013
Alicia Photography

By Marianne Reid Anderson

“It takes a real man to face a thirty-year mortgage”, according to at least one late night comedienne. The thing that makes it funny is that it’s true. Day-in, day-out, through thick and thin, may not seem heroic in today’s world of instant gratification, but actions still speak louder than words and those that go the distance exemplify true love to me.

So, I love getting advice from older couples on how they have withstood the test of time. Once I was fortunate enough to meet retired talk show host Mike Douglas and his wife Genevieve, and when I asked her for marital advice she said, “never be clingy – let him do his thing and hang back and then leave together when he’s done.”  Since my husband is a public speaker and lecturer, this advice has served me well.

My favorite true love story, though, is of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. They were television/film stars in the 1940’s and 50’s and made it through the trials of celebrity, the rise and fall of careers while still working, appearing and touring throughout their lifetime. They had their own children, adopted children, children with disabilities, and stayed together and in love through it all. During an interview later in life, they were asked for their secret and Dale Evans spoke up and said that the key was to give 70 percent and expect only 30 percent. She said that when couples think everything is going to be 50-50 then somebody always feels slighted, that you are giving more than the other person; whereas, when you both agree to give 70 but only expect only 30, then things seem more even. My husband and I took this advice to heart when we moved back to the Pittsburgh area and it too has served us well.

Do you have or know a true love story? Or a true love story that inspires you? I so hope you’ll share it with me and our readers as we “Continue The Conversation” on my blog at