Starting The Conversation Do You Believe in Ghosts?

ghostBy Marianne Reid Anderson

Do you wonder what just went bump in the night? Have you ever experienced the unexplainable? Whether its ghostly apparitions, things that move, stairs that creek, the world does seem to be filled with strange and other-worldly phenomenon. Even here in Pittsburgh cemeteries, libraries, lonely-roadways and even our own homes and neighborhoods.

My husband never believed in ghosts until we moved to Pittsburgh and he personally witnessed one. Fortunately, so far, it has been a friendly ghost. What we all, including my husband, would observe was not so much the ghost as how our pets would interact with something that they could most definitely see, that we could not. Just as a dog can hear a high-pitch whistle too high for humans to hear, our pets could see something that wasn’t there. Dogs visiting this home would be lying in the living room panting – when something would catch their eye and they would stop panting, and stare at a certain spot in the room near the ceiling – no shadows, no cob webs – just the corner. Cats and kittens would jump onto the top of the chair and try to paw at whatever it was they were seeing. We’ve all seen the pets, alone and in groups, interacting with something only they can see.

Actually, we think there may be more than one ghost because sometimes, when you are in the home alone, you can hear a whispered conversation going on in the living room that stops as soon as you enter the room.

What do you think? Is this house haunted? Let’s continue the conversation on my blog at where, in the comments section, you can share your thoughts or your own tales and experiences with hauntings and the supernatural.