St. Barnabas CEO Leadership Conference

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St. Barnabas CEO Leadership Conference

 27th Annual St. Barnabas Health System CEO Leadership Conference Entrepreneurs: Thriving or Surviving? 

Entrepreneurs are innovators who are willing to take risks to manage and build their businesses.  They are often viewed as the force that drives economic and social progress, providing jobs and developing ideas that become a way of life for the next generation.

In that context, 300 senior executives in the Pittsburgh region gathered on Monday, September 23, 2013 at The Kean Theatre, Washington Place at St. Barnabas for a conference to delve into the very successes and failures that have gotten them to where they are now.  The theme of the 27th Annual St. Barnabas Health System CEO Leadership Conference was, Entrepreneurs: Thriving or Surviving? 

This year’s theme brought together some of the leading innovators in the region to discuss whether entrepreneurs are thriving or surviving in the Pittsburgh region.  While the topic may seem esoteric, the founders of the St. Barnabas Health System CEO Leadership Conference think it’s one worth exploring, since many entrepreneurs didn’t start out planning to invent something new or change the way things are done.  Instead, they were forced to reinvent themselves out of necessity.

The conference also featured an interactive display called “Dare to Invent” from George Davison’s Inventionland, showing how everyday people came up with bright ideas and then brought those inventions to life.

This year’s distinguished guests included: Christopher Donahue, President and CEO of Federated Investors Inc. as the featured speaker; panelists were George Davison, Founder and CEO of Davison and Inventionland; William Generett, Jr., President and CEO of Urban Innovations21; John LaCarte, Founder and CEO of LaCarte Development Company; Catherine Mott, Founder and CEO of BlueTree Capital Group and BlueTree Allied Angels; and Richard Kaminsky, President and CEO of Subway Southwest Inc.

The moderators were: Ray Carter, Vice President and General Manager of WPXI-TV; and James Roddey, Former Allegheny County Executive and Principal of ParenteBeard with an opening statement from William V. Day the president of St. Barnabas Health System.

The conference was also an opportunity to meet the 2013 Pittsburgh Pacesetters.  The prestigious awards were presented by Jennifer Sadlowe and Greg Jones, of Smart Business magazine to nine outstanding business leaders. The leaders that were awarded for setting the pace for the region were recognized in three divisions, based on the size of their organizations and/or rate of growth:

  • Emerging: Organizations with less than $10 million in annual revenue and a double-digit annual growth rate over the past three years
  • Midsized: Organizations with between $10 and $99 million in annual revenue
  • Centurion: Organizations with annual revenue in excess of $100 million

 Honorees included:


  • Darrin Grove – CEO, TrueFit
  • Charley Kennedy – Managing Principal, Fiducia Group
  • Debra Mortillaro – Co-owner, Dreadnought Wines


  • Mark Brennan – President and CEO, Clearview Federal Credit Union
  • Dr. Thomas Mattei – Associate Dean of Professional Programs, Duquesne University
  • H. Rochelle Stachel – Founder and CEO, HRV Conformance Verifications Associates
  • Ken Zeff – Founder and CEO, Crazy Mocha


Troy Gregory – President and CEO, System One Holdings

 Dennis Oates – President and CEO, Universal Stainless and Alloy

Pittsburgh Best Story Awards

  • Debra Mortillaro – Co-owner, Dreadnought Wines
  • Ken Zeff – Founder and CEO, Crazy Mocha
  • Troy Gregory – President and CEO, System One Holdings

 Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Edward A. Nicholson, Ph. D – Robert Morris University