Spring style wish list- 4 top trends

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By Kelly Smith

It may sound cliché but Spring has, so suddenly, sprung!  With the start of any new season, it seems as though a new set of trends is the norm.  That being said, the arrival of a brand new season is always a good excuse to add to our wardrobe.  For you fashion fanatics, this usually entails snagging up everything that is hot and trendy.  For most everyone else, myself included, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever changing trends season after season.  It takes time, effort and not to mention, money.  If any of these present a challenge, know that there are some ways to get around them.  So, what is the best way to incorporate some of the new spring trends into your existing wardrobe?  For maximum style with minimum effort, the key to looking fabulous is to stick to essentials.  You really only need a few top trends to stand out- read on and see how you can make a splash this Spring!

Lightweight jackets– Spring weather is notoriously unstable.  To make it through these ups and downs, you’ll need a few good pieces to keep you warm and dry while still stylin’!  One good essential to always have on hand is a denim jacket.  It is one piece that truly can be worn with just about everything.  Another top choice to have on hand is a classic trench.  Keep in mind, this is spring so do choose a soft pastel in runway friendly colors such as pastel pink, lavender, or hues of blue.

Maxi skirts– This is a wardrobe must have as it is the perfect transitional piece!  Buy a few in different lengths and prints.  This is one skirt that can be worn when the days are a bit chilly, yet can still stand up to a sweltering spring scorcher.  These skirts should be your go-to bottom when you feel like looking cute and casual but don’t quite want to “slum it up” as I like to say.  Pair your maxi skirt with a cute and comfy tee and ballet flats or, for dressier evenings, switch out that tee for a sexy silk blouse and a pair of sandals. Either way, you’ll be fashion forward!

Shoes /accessories— Put a little spring in your step!  There are no bones about it; mules are definitely making the list this year.  They’re not for everyone, but if you want versatility, then mules are for you.  What other shoe can boast an open back that is easy to slip off and on?  Look for styles with peep-toe, flats, heels or a wedge.  I especially like the heeled version because you can take them from day to night so easily, if paired with the right outfit.  For you accessory lovers, get a few indispensable pieces gathered up such as chockers that are graced with stones or beads, multiple cuff bracelets, as well as, ankle chains!  Handbags with shoulder straps adorned in chains as well, will be everywhere so do pick up at least one this season.  Fringe bags are quite the trendsetter this year as are bold colored satchels with lots of hardware like buckles and zippers.

Jeans– if you’re looking to add just a single pair of jeans to your wardrobe this season, make it the cropped flare.  These are going to be everywhere this spring. Also, I’m on board with any trend that brings back the 90’s so don’t be surprised when you see all kinds of crazy flashback styles in both baggy and relaxed denim.  Washes will still range from light to the darkest indigo but always style your outfit to fit your silhouette.  A good rule of thumb is, if you have to think hard about whether a style looks good on you, then it probably doesn’t to others, so stick with what works.  Denim can be tricky as far as sizing so it’s always best to try before you buy.

No matter where you fall on the fashion spectrum, finding your style this Spring will be a lot easier and that is reason to celebrate the season, in style, of course!