Pittsburgh Doors & Closets

When it comes to home improvements, the words quickly, easily and affordably are music to homeowners’ ears. With Pittsburgh Doors and Closets those words are not only true but they also provide an amazing whole-home improvement. Pittsburgh Doors and Closets is Western Pennsylvania’s local dealer for One Day Doors and Closets, the nation’s largest home interior door installation company. [Read more…]

Interested in Essential Oils? Already use them? Naturalis is the place for you!

Naturalis Essential Oils + Wellness is a unique store front conveniently located in Pittsburgh offering a wide range of wellness resources. Visit our website: www.naturalis13.com. [Read more…]

Club Pilates Wexford

Husband and wife owner Mike Castiglione and Autumn Adamiak Castiglione

Until now, finding a true Pilates workout has often been elusive and expensive. With the opening of Club Pilates Wexford at the end of May, all of that is changing. Located at 101 Fowler Road behind Labriola Italian Market, Club Pilates offers group classes in a state-of-the art studio at affordable prices.  [Read more…]

Business Spotlight: Waffles, INCaffeinated

If the lines out the door are any indication, Waffles, INCaffeinated is doing something right. The breakfast eatery opened last November at 10339 Perry Highway in Wexford, in the shopping plaza in front of North Allegheny High School. This is the third location; others are located in Beaver and on the South Side, and another is on the way. “We have recently signed a lease at the former Kaufman’s Building downtown and hope to open in April of 2018,” said Gordon Sheffer, managing partner. [Read more…]

Business Spotlight: John Craig Bookkeeping & Taxes 

A small business must be mindful of its bottom line. Often to keep within a budget, a business owner will try to save some pennies by handling some of the day-to-day tasks of conducting business by themselves. That may be fine for some aspects of a business such as handling correspondence or ordering supplies, but for other areas, that do-it-yourself attitude can be an invitation for trouble.  [Read more…]