Tricycle Learning Company

Tricycle Learning Company is amazing.  They helped my son improve his SAT score and tutored him and assisted with college applications.  My son has been offered numerous scholarships.”
~Joella Baker from Get Fit Families in Zelienople, Pa.

Back to School is quickly approaching, and Tricycle Learning Company offers families ways to prepare and adapt by getting Back to Basics. Tricycle Learning Company teaches students to move from a passive mindset to an active mindset when it comes to their study habits.

“The pandemic certainly triggered student disengagement due to the asynchronous study environments and lack of structure and accountability. Because of our commitment to each of our students’ success, we help families identify and overcome roadblocks in their schoolwork.  Our processes are consistent – yet flexible – because we are a small, family-run business,” said Founder and President Christopher Yco.

Tricycle Learning Company’s college preparatory services have a three-pronged approach.  First they emphasize that grades are paramount, and TLC offers academic tutoring to supplement what students are already learning in their classrooms.  The second is to maximize SAT/ACT/College Entrance Exam scores; TLC trains students to confidently and strategically dissect each component and arrive at the correct answer.  The third element is college application completion assistance.  TLC provides services from selecting the appropriate college/s in alignment with students’ goals, to writing an impactful essay or personal statement, and organizing financial aid and grant applications. 
Tricycle Learning Company also understands what college admissions counselors are seeking in student applicants. TLC knows admissions counselors are not only seeing students’ grades in black and white; they are looking at the progression of difficulty of the classes students choose throughout high school.

With SAT/ACT preparation, TLC trains their students in a bootcamp-like environment. They progressively turn up the heat with timed drills, simulating the pressures of test day.
Tricycle definitely helped improve my SAT scores. I took my first one blindly without any tutoring and got a decent score but not good enough to get me into my college of choice. After working with them I developed the strategy needed to tackle the SAT which led me to being able to CHOOSE which college I wanted to go to,” said Camille Cohen, current student at University of San Diego.

Most importantly, Tricycle Learning Company’s biggest source of inspiration is the belief that all students should have equal access to opportunity. Christopher Yco has made it TLC’s mission to encourage students to give back to their communities.

Wendy Porter-Coste, from Upward Bound in Long Beach, CA stated, “As the director of a pre-college program serving low-income, first-generation high school students, we were heavily impacted by the pandemic. Fortunately, we have a long-standing relationship with Chris and TLC. Once Covid hit, they were instrumental in supporting us in quickly transitioning to online services to keep our students connected and receiving the support they were accustomed to. Chris goes above and beyond to inspire and motivate students.” 

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Tricycle Learning Company.

Weaver Homes

The staycation of your dreams.

 We build luxury homes that are synonymous with happiness — spaces that are open and filled with natural light, thoughtfully designed floorplans that fit your unique lifestyle. Our homes throughout Northern Pittsburgh promote happier, healthier living… with boutique-size communities where neighbors know neighbors, and open-concept designs allow family and friends to come together and feel right at home.

Something for Everyone

Weaver Homes offers homeowners two distinct community types — single-family communities for growing families and lifestyle communities for low maintenance living.  In a single-family community, you’ll enjoy more space and family-friendly, scenic settings within exceptional school districts.

In a lifestyle community, you’ll have the freedom to do what your heart desires. We do the dirty work like snow removal, grass cutting, lawn treatment, mulching, and trash removal. You’ll get the peace of mind knowing that your home is well taken care of, so that you can focus on the things you really love to do. Take up a new hobby, explore new local spots, spend more time relaxing and socializing, or even travel far away knowing your home will be taken care of

 Your Home, Your Style

We want your comfortable, personalized Weaver home to be your sanctuary. With us, you don’t just have the choice of floor plan; you have the ability to edit and expand upon it so it fits your unique style. Our level of personalization ensures your home is in sync with your family, and tailored to your tastes.

In our Design Studio, you’ll see the best brands in the industry, the highest-quality, top-trending interior choices for your new home. Our Interior Design Specialist will walk you through all the options you have to make your home entirely your own. This way, when you step inside for the very first time — and every single time after that — you’ll know you’re right where you were always meant to be.

A Family Tradition

With more than three decades of design and building experience, Weaver Homes is Greater Pittsburgh’s premier personalized home builder. With roots right here in Pittsburgh, we’re passionate about the people we work with and the communities we build. From our designers to our subcontractors, everyone is an equal part of our family, and we believe that’s what makes us different. Together, we support our community in every sense of the word, whether we’re sponsoring a little league team or engaging with local leaders. Because we’re not just your builders, we’re your neighbors too, and we believe in building communities that last for generations. Since 1986, when Bill and Bonnie Weaver founded our family-owned company, our promise has been to ensure your journey home is just as enjoyable as everything that comes next.

We’re honored for the opportunity to build your happy place. To get started building your dream home visit

American Natural

American Natural is a convenience store like no other, a place where the local community can not only fuel up but also enjoy high-quality, affordablefresh-made food in a clean, pleasant, welcoming space – a mix of your favorite café, local coffee-house and corner market store. They offer flexible services to make life easier and safer, including online ordering, curbside pickup, delivery (via DoorDash and UberEats), in-store grab & go shopping, catering and, when available, dine-in 

 As we all know, 2020 was a year of changeAmerican Natural is proud to be able to serve the Pittsburgh community – as an essential business providing fuel and foodbut also as a true community partner, forging and deepening relationships with local vendors. Here is a look back at selected partnership innovations from 2020: 

About Mancini’s Bakery 

Founded in 1926 and still family-run, Mancini’s legendary bread is a Pittsburgh institution. American Natural teamed up with them to create two exclusive sandwichesthe hearty Big Mancini, and the Mancini Sunny-side Breakfast Sandwich 

 Steel Cup Coffee Roasters 

New suppliers to American Natural this year, owners Doug & Daria say their small-batch, craft roasting coffee business was “born of the dream of a great cup o’ joe and doing the right thing.” Their commitment to sustainable coffee means they use only organic, fair-trade beans sourced from organic cooperatives and farms, roasting them in small batches to ensure consistent, exceptional flavor 

 Tupelo Honey Tea 

Inspired by one transformative cup of tea in 2002 sipped at a Buddhist temple in Shanghai, owner and founder Danielle Spinola focuses on specialty blends that “not only taste good but are good for your body and soul.” She even offers a seasonal tea made with herbs foraged from Girty’s Woods near Millvale – talk about local! 

 Helltown Beer 

A local favorite, Helltown ales and IPA’s were a bit hard to find this last summer. American Natural hosted a few wildly popular sold-out “Friday Night” pop-ups. 

 Millie’s Homemade “Real Is Delicious” Ice Cream.  

Founders Chad & Lauren started Millie’s in 2014, and they hand-craft every batchmade with fresh milk from Twin Brook Dairy Co. American Natural features Millie’s vanilla ice cream in made-on-the-spot specialty shakes. 

 Speckled Hen Chocolates (Saxonburg), 

OwneMatt and Valerie Cannon stick to their three ideals: quality, uniqueness and customer service. They make everything in house. You can get their exclusive “edible toilet paper” (chocolate in the form of a mini-TP roll) at American Natural stores.  

Find even more artisan specialty goods in the American Natural Marketplace, like Ready Nutrition (Wexford), and Turner Dairy Farm products.  

 The GoNatural Rewards loyalty program offers plenty of benefits, from frequent-drinker coffee rewards to fuel discounts, and in-store deals.  

 Visit six locations in the greater Pittsburgh area: Cranberry, Gibsonia, Harmar, Mars, Valencia and Wexford. Find out more about American Natural at 

Family & Small Business Profiles

There is something special about a family or small business.  Perhaps it’s because we like to see people working together for something larger than themselves.  Perhaps we like to see how generations come together.  Perhaps it’s because we like seeing a dream turn into a reality, and the family or small businesses we are featuring all started with someone having a good idea.  Whatever the reason, Northern Connection is proud to feature these small and family businesses in this issue.

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Hemp Synergistics Making Life Better for You

Perhaps you have a nagging ache, or maybe you’re not sleeping as well as you’d like. Or maybe you’re just feeling stressed or anxious. Each of those may seem like a little thing—a part of life, just something you have to endure. But those little things can play a big part in reducing your quality and enjoyment of your life.

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