Spook-tacular Trivia – Haunted Tales, Trails & Films with a Pittsburgh Twist

By: Paula Green

It’s that time of the year again for haunted legends and bewitching folklore.  The spookiness and intrigue becomes more spine-tingling when the tales are found within our own region.  This month, we’ll explore some supernatural Pittsburgh tales and look at scary movies that were filmed in our area.

Several buildings have reported supernatural occurrences.  It’s believed that four ghosts haunt the University of Pittsburgh campus.  There’s also been paranormal activity on the campus of Saint Vincent College in Latrobe.  The Omni William Penn Hotel’s 22 & 23 floors, both unused, have strange sounds, cold wind gust and ghostly presences.  The Pittsburgh Playhouse has many apparitions lingering about, and so does the Senator John Heinz History Center.  Frick Art & Historical Center’s Clayton House has spooky spirits.  McConnell’s Mills has mysterious orbs that appear in photos and other unexplained paranormal activity.  Two local libraries – the Carnegie Library of Homestead and the Andrew Bayne Library in Bellevue house ghoulish beings as well.

U.S. Route 30 (Lincoln Highway) runs east–west across the southern part of the state, passing through Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  This stretch of road is sometimes called “Pennsylvania’s Haunted Highway.” The Orange Belt is part of Pittsburgh’s mysterious highway system, which forms a 92 mile arc around the city from Route 88 in Library to Route 51 in Elizabeth.  It’s said that when you’re driving a section of it, you may meet up with its calling card, a phantom car.  The phenomena especially occurs at night, when the car behind or approaching you, just disappears from the road.  Northgate Drive in Warrendale is said to have paranormal activity, an old phantom muscle car that wrecked while drag racing reportedly haunts this road.

Over the years, several horror movies have been filmed in Pittsburgh.  Film director/producer George Romero has utilized ‘the Burgh as a creepy location for his numerous zombie movies.  They include – Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Diary of the Dead and the eerie flick Creepshow.

Since we have delved into the mystical side of the ‘Burgh we must now spirit our thoughts on this paranormal puzzle.  Get set to don those haunted hats because it’s time to get a little trivial……..

  1. This unpaved road in North Park has a mystical nature, where legend has it that lynchings and murders occurred there.
  2. Restland Cemetery has a legendary ghost called Walkin’ Rosie, where is this graveyard located?
  3. This establishment near Zelienople has two ghosts lurking around – Louie and the apparition of a woman.
  4. George Romero worked in conjunction with this horror writer that wrote Creepshow.
  5. Spirits haunt this facility that used to be inhabited at one time by Western Penitentiary.
  6. At this restaurant/tavern in Warrendale strange sounds are heard, windows open on their own, and bottles hurl themselves off the bar.
  7. This Pittsburgh native actress starred as Dr. Sarah Bowman in Day of the Dead.
  8. Located at the intersection of McKinney and Kummer Roads in North Park. Drive up McKinney toward the golf course and stop at the stop sign at Kummer Rd. Put your car in neutral and you will drift backward up the slight hill – what is this known as?
  9. At this local barn residents have called police to quiet partying teens who seem to have their cars scattered about. But when the police get there, there are no kids or cars.
  10. This 1991 American thriller blockbuster was filmed in Pittsburgh, and blends elements of the crime and horror
  11. What is the first name of the Bayne girl that haunts the Andrew Bayne Library?
  12. It is said that “Mad Mike” haunts this locale on Mount Washington.
  13. Which Pittsburgh college did the “Godfather of Zombies,” George Romero attend?
  14. What area was the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead filmed?
  15. This 1993 George Romero horror movie was filmed in part at Washington & Jefferson College.

Answers:  1. Blue Myst Road  2. Monroeville  3. The Harmony Inn  4. Stephen King  5. National Aviary  6. Brush Creek Inn  7. Lori Cardille 8. Gravity Hill  9. Knob Hill Barn 10.  Silence of the Lambs  11.  Amanda  12. The Duquesne Incline  13. Carnegie Mellon University  14. Evans City  15.  The Dark Half

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