RPM Woodworks was founded by local artisan Ron McCloskey in 2020.  After serving in the U.S. Army, Ron has been a carpenter for nearly 30 years.  Even in his spare time, Ron finds ways to build quality custom furniture and home décor.  He likes how it combines the creativity of custom designs with the familiar medium of wood.  For most projects, Ron cuts the wood, planes the wood, dries the wood, builds the molds, and helps his customers select resin colors that work best for them.  Aside from growing the tree, he does it all and takes pride in his work.  RPM Woodworks products are made with the highest quality elements and with the greatest attention to detail.

            Drawing inspiration from the rivers, woods, and landscapes in Wester​n Pennsylvania, and from the infinite colors and textures Ron and his wife have seen during their travels, he built furniture and accessories to decorate their home. Soon people were asking him to create pieces in colors and textures that are meaningful to them.

            “If you are looking for a unique, one-of-a kind, functional work of art, you should definitely contact Ron McCloskey. He uses his creativity and carpentry skills to create beautiful charcuterie boards, cutting boards, desks and, in my case, a small table. Not only is Ron’s carpentry work impeccable, he has mastered the use of resin in his designs. Based on my “limited” specifications, Ron created a side table (with a drawer) made of a slab of walnut (from a tree he cut down) and white resin with metal legs. It is gorgeous and quite the conversation piece. Ron is a perfectionist and takes great pride in his work, and it shows. You won’t be disappointed,” said Bev Ludlum, a customer from Butler.

            Moreover, with the rise in popularity of charcuterie boards, Ron has kept a pulse on what’s trending and creates unique pieces for each of his customers.  The charcuterie boards provide a unique and natural way to lay out hors d’oeuvres, floral arrangements, and desserts.  Each board has a food grade finish and comes with easy care instructions for years of enjoyment.

            “I was looking for a nice cutting board or serving tray and came across Ron’s work.  I requested a  specific color and design, and it definitely exceeded expectations.  It’s beautiful,” says Heather O’Connor, a satisfied customer in Pflugerville, Texas.

            RPM Woodworks’ custom furniture is built with care according to dimensions and specifications provided, type of wood and finish desired, and can include colored resin elements.

“We asked Ron to design and build a gate for our front porch.  Not an easy task to do because we wanted something that would be easy to open/close and to keep the dogs safe while on the porch.  Our two requests were that it be on wheels for ease of opening and to incorporate 2 different types/shades of the wood on our porch.  He created an incredible gate with everything we requested.  He is amazing.  He is a perfectionist, and it shows in his work.  Also, it was a quick turn-around time and an extremely reasonable price.  I would highly recommend RPM Woodworks for any custom woodworking needs,” says Leigh Ducoeur from Pittsburgh.

Orders for RPM Woodworks quality custom furniture and home decor can be placed directly through their website:  www.rpm-woodworks.com.  RPM Woodworks finished products are also sold at So Me Artisan Wares and Jewelry Studio in Allison Park and Two Rivers Oil and Vinegar in Beaver.