Regenerative Medicine Solutions Expands to Pittsburgh

Lung InstituteBy Maren Auxier

The Lung Institute, a Regenerative Medicine Solutions (RMS) company, recently opened the doors to their Pittsburgh clinic. This marks the opening of the fourth clinic within the company’s first two years of operation. To date the Lung Institute has treated over 1,000 patients, and is excited to help more people breathe easier with the opening of a clinic in Pittsburgh.

The Lung Institute specializes in treating those with debilitating lung diseases using stem cell therapy. Most patients report an improvement in quality of life after undergoing treatment. The organization currently has clinics in Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale and Pittsburgh, and plans to continue their expansion over the next year. The Lung Institute prides themselves on building a cohesive, patient-focused team that uses state of the art technology and facilities to improve the lives of lung disease sufferers who, prior to stem cell therapy, had limited options. The Lung Institute has found that stem cell therapy naturally promotes better lung function, as stem cells generally migrate to the lungs once they are reintroduced into the body.

RMS is the premier provider of regenerative medicine nationwide. They blend a research-based foundation with the newest innovations in regenerative medicine to not only help people, but also to pave the way for future evolution and integration of regenerative medicine practices.

Much of RMS’ success is attributed to having a strong team of employees who are trained in the latest technologies and eager to give back to help make the world around them a better place. All employees must be in alignment with the company’s core values: be fun to be around, give back, add value…always, always push the status quo and to be selective.

RMS recently rolled out RMS Gives, a charity board with the following mission: “To blend the energy and talents of our teammates with the resources of our company to be a positive and uplifting force that changes lives in the communities where we live and do business.” RMS Gives has participated in several charitable initiatives to date, including meal delivery to the homebound, feeding the homeless, pet adoption, house cleanup and women’s empowerment. RMS strongly believes in corporate responsibility and serving the communities in which we live.

Through the Lung Institute, RMS has helped hundreds who suffer from a debilitating lung disease breathe easier using stem cell therapy. They are excited to open a new clinic in the Pittsburgh area, and look forward to giving back to the community in other ways as well. If you or a loved one suffers from lung disease, call 855-978-5764 or visit their website, for more information on how you can breathe easier.