Ralph T. DeStefano

Ralph DeStefanoOur mission is to assist in transforming our 134-acre campus into a shining beacon where the

sick and elderly can find the very best medical technology administered with the warm care and

compassion for which we have always been known.  This is our legacy.  The legacy of caring.”

           This statement comes from Ralph T. DeStefano, former president and CEO of Passavant Hospital Foundation.  On Aug. 1, he retired from this prominent position that he held for four and a half years.

          To get a sense of DeStefano’s dedication to Passavant and the North Hills community, you must first delve into his work endeavors to see his numerous accomplishments.

          He was raised in Sharpsburg and attended ShalerAreaHigh School.  DeStefano served two-years in the Army during a non-combat era.

          He received a Bachelor of Science degree from CornellUniversity in 1955.  DeStefano graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Law School in 1959. He practiced law for 32 years with an emphasis on health care, and labor and employment. 

          In 1976, he was elected to the board at PassavantHospital.  “In 1990, the president and CEO of Passavant Hospital left abruptly.  I was asked to temporarily fill-in for a three-month stint.  Well as it turned out those few months, turned into many years.  I remained at the helm for nine years, and retired in July 1999,” DeStefano said.

          It was under his leadership that NorthHillsPassavantHospital merged with UPMC to form UPMC Passavant.  The facility was expanded so that patients could receive advanced medical care without leaving the North Hills community.  Passavant also purchased 18 acres of land and successfully opened the roadway between Duncan Avenue and Peebles Road under DeStefano’s administration.

          In Feb. 2009, DeStefano accepted the position of president and chief executive officer of Passavant Hospital Foundation.  During his reign as CEO, the foundation went through many developmental changes.  

         One of the key projects included the addition of the PassavantHospitalFoundationConferenceCenter and Legacy Theatre built at CumberlandWoodsVillage, an independent living community on the 134-acre campus of UPMC Passavant McCandless.  

         Another program that DeStefano implemented was the Passavant Hospital Foundation Departmental Grant program.  Under this initiative, employees beneath the supervisory level submit grant requests based upon their patient’s daily needs.  For this year, 28 departmental grants were awarded for projects totaling $244,000.

         DeStefano has two children, a son Ralph who works in receiving at Passavant, and a daughter Juliehera, who is filming a military documentary of women soldiers returning home from war – Journey to Normal.  Even in his retirement, DeStefano plans to continue to show his support to Passavant.