Put a Tent Over the Circus

Bullick Book Cover001By: Joe Bullick

        As the year starts, I was thinking of something I always wanted to do was write my memoir.  It took 79 years to accomplish, but it is finished.  With the help of a great person, Jennifer Gill Kissel, who is a writer and editor living in Pittsburgh, the two of us we got it done.

        We began the project two years ago, and it is finally published.  The name of the book is Put a Tent Over the Circus.   It is dedicated to two women, my natural mother and my foster mother, and all those families who adopt children or who are foster parents.  God bless them and their contributions to the lives of these young people!

       There will be some book signings held in January – 3 p.m., Jan. 18, at the Ross Township Municipal Building; 7 p.m., Jan. 23, Northland Public Library in McCandless Township; and Saint Alphonsus Parish in Wexford.  The date and time of that one will be announced in their weekly bulletin.

        Put a Tent Over the Circus is published by BookLocker.com.  The cost is $12.95 and is available through Amazon.com, or BarnesandNoble.com, or jebullick@zoominternet.net.