The Psychic Vincent Sisters: Communicating Beyond the Veil

vincent-sistersBy Marianne Reid Anderson

It began when they were children. Their Grandma had passed to the other side and yet, she appeared to Suzanne and Jean Vincent. Suzanne, then 12 years old, went to her mother and said, “I see Grandma coming through the veil.” Grandma was appearing not only to comfort the children regarding her demise but also to explain where she had hidden some very important papers. Their mother, also a medium and student of the metaphysical, believed her children, found the papers and began taking the girls to the Puritan Spiritualist Church to begin their training as mediums.

“Anyone can learn to do what we do,” explains Jean, “just like anyone can learn to play the piano. Similarly, some people are naturally drawn to playing the piano and then continue to hone and strengthen their skills to become increasingly proficient over time.”

Over the years, Suzanne and Jean have truly become proficient in a full range of psychic abilities. They do psychic readings, see auras, ghost hunt and cleanse environments of ghostly phenomenon, among many other psychic abilities. Most importantly, they are respected psychic profilers and psychic investigators. Sought out by law enforcement or families of missing loved ones, the Vincent sisters have participated in many cases around the world, most notably, Casey Anthony, Monica Bowie, Haleigh Cummings, Madeline McCann, Cherrie Mahan, Christine Sheddy, Nurse Paul Kochu missing from Pittsburgh, Florida Mom Michelle Parker, and Amanda Berry missing from Cleveland. They were pivotal in breaking the murder case of Dentist John Yelenic of Blairsville,PA who was murder by Pennsylvania State Trooper Kevin Foley, among many, many others. As one CNN anchor noted, while many psychics claim to be able to help law enforcement, the Vincent Sisters are actually doing it.

“When you enter a room, and can feel the stress, people say, ‘I could have cut the tension with a knife.’ Well, that’s the way we feel all the time,” comments Suzanne. “When we work as psychic investigators, we can pick up on a person’s energy or the energy in the environment much like a bloodhound can pick up on a scent. When a person dies, he or she passes beyond the veil but their energy remains.”

Science tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed or altered and the same goes for a person’s energy. “We have convinced many sceptics, including those in law enforcement and feel very blessed to help others with our psychic gifts and abilities,” declare the Psychic Vincent Sisters.

The Psychic Vincent Sisters will be partaking in three upcoming events this October:

“An Evening in Haunted Harmony” on October 8th that will include a ghost walk through several of the renowned haunted buildings of Harmony, PA. For tickets and information, email

Ghost Hunting at the Andrew Bayne Memorial Library on October 12. Continually listed as one of the most haunted places in America, the Vincent Sisters say, “The ghost of former owner Amanda Balph is very active.” Participants are welcome to bring cameras and ghost photos to discuss. Located at 34 N. Balph Avenue in Bellevue, call (412) 766-7447.

The Psychic Vincent Sisters will also be appearing at the Cranberry Library on October 25, from 6-8 p.m., Topics include their work on the cases of Caylee Marie Anthony, John Yelenic, Mickey Sheller, Cherrie Mahan, and other missing persons and murder mysteries, as well as, ghost stories, demon stories & haunted places. Free to the public. You can sign up for a chance to win a psychic reading. Please bring a donation of cat or dog food for the Butler Humane Society. To register, call (724) 776-4806.

It is highly recommended that you reserve your spot early, as these events book very quickly and space is limited.

Do you need help? Whether you looking for a missing person, dealing with a mischievous or unruly ghost, want your own reading or need additional information on psychic abilities, contact the Vincent Sisters through their website at, their facebook page at or email