Pittsburgh Web Designs Puts Clients at the Top of the List

Left: Zack Richey – Right: Jeremy Richey



Pittsburgh Web Designs has been building websites for local, national, and international companies for over twelve years.

Beyond building websites, founder Jeremy Richey and the team at Pittsburgh Web Designs are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  

SEO is the ability to create and enhance your website so that it shows up as high as possible in the search engines, such as Google or Microsoft Bing. The team at PWD are Custom Website Designers and coders who build websites specifically for what the search engines look for based on a client’s particular business and services.

Richey explains, “People type in keywords of products or services they need to find companies they don’t know the name of yet. If your website is only showing when you type in your full company name, that is good, but it is completely irrelevant for generating NEW business. In fact, if you are not in the top three under the ads when you type in your exact company name then you should seriously question your online marketer. The trick is to get your website to show for all of the main keywords and search terms for services or products that you offer. The only way to do that without having to buy search ads, keywords, or paying monthly sums of money to marketing firms, is to custom build the website from the ground up rather than using templates. Pre-built website templates are entirely cosmetic and not built with SEO in mind for a particular business, service or product”.

“When a customer reaches out to us, we often hear many of the “horror stories” out there and have learned that it is hard for a customer to trust where to go with online marketing. We provide the truth of our experiences and prove our skills and knowledge to where it makes perfect sense on what to do, well before we even take a dollar,” comments Richey. “Every business is different, so we listen to our clients’ needs and develop a custom marketing plan for their particular business and market. Our full intention is to turn clients into our own sales and marketing team through their recommendations and satisfaction in our services. We achieve this goal by building relationships with our clients, networking them with other clients in their particular field and, most importantly, bringing them business.”

Pittsburgh Web Designs now has partnerships with various digital marketing and video production services outside of web design with who we consider the elite in Pittsburgh. They consult with many major companies around the country on their online marketing strategies and founder, Jeremy Richey, is also the Vice-President of the North Pittsburgh Network aimed at helping various Pittsburgh charities and non-profit organizations.

To get your website to the top of the search engines and generate business, visit Pittsburgh Web Designs at www.PghWebDesigns.com or call (724) 987-3730.