Pella Windows

Unlike say a roof, whose primary purpose is to provide shelter from the elements for a home, windows and doors serve several purposes in our homes. Windows allow light into our spaces, can keep out cold or when opened, permit a refreshing breeze to come inside. They can also be aesthetically pleasing as an element of architecture and add value to our homes. Doors, in addition to being the entrance or exit of our homes, are also the first thing one encounters when entering a home, and they add curb appeal to a house.  

Pella Windows and Doors was rated No. 1 in a 2021 survey of leading window brands among homeowners for good reason. Unlike other companies, Pella has an array of products that can meet any budget.  

“All of our products are high quality with industry leading warranties. Along with the product warranties, Pella also has a 10-year installation warranty, which is as important or even more important than the product warranties,” said Jennifer Erisman, Social Media and Marketing Specialist, for Pella, Gunton Corp.  

Pella offers wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows and doors, and all their products are manufactured in the United States. Pella can even create custom-made widows. 

Pella has a showroom in Warrendale and is open to the public six days a week. In general, new vinyl windows can be installed in eight weeks and wood from 13-16 weeks. The supply chain problems have affected the business. “We are working through it though,” said Erisman. “While other companies are hiding this issue, we take pride in being upfront and honest about it.”  

If you are considering investing in your home with new windows or doors, now is the perfect time to act. “In May, we will be offering $200 off window units and $550 off patio doors OR No Payments, No down Payment, No Interest for 12 Months,” said Erisman, who says the first step would be to schedule an in-home consultation. “Our reps will do a complete walk-thru and have discussions about what you would like. Once the product, painting/staining are chosen and the installation type is confirmed, they will provide you with a final quote or two if needed.” 

Black interior and exterior windows are currently the trend, and Pella has them. For more information on Pella Windows and Doors or to schedule a consultation, call 724-935-2050 or visit: 

By Janice Lane Palko