NURTURE Feeding and Communication Support, LLC


Providing Pediatric (Birth to 21 Years) In-Home Therapy

“There is a myriad of reasons children may have difficulties eating and communicating,” explains C. Renee Gwin M.S. CCC-SLP, LMT a speech language pathologist and owner of NURTURE Feeding and Communication Support, LLC. “For example, a child may be struggling with the necessary oral motor skills, unsafe swallowing, difficulty understanding others or expressing themselves, among many other reasons.”

  1. Renee Gwin began NURTURE Feeding and Communication Support, LLC in 2011 to provide pediatric feeding/swallowing and speech/language therapy within the home environment.

“By providing therapy within the home, children are more relaxed and responsive to therapy. The home provides a natural environment for the child as opposed to the clinical environment,” continues Ms. Gwin.

Beyond feeding skills, NURTURE Feeding and Communication Support, LLC also offers support for children with communication difficulties such as apraxia, expressive/receptive language disorders, stuttering or some other communication disorder. For instance, in a recent case an infant who was born prematurely at only twenty-four weeks, had a tracheostomy tube and severe feeding issues. But now, at three years old, the tracheostomy tube has been removed and due to feeding and speech therapy from NURTURE, the child can now safely eat and communicate.

NURTURE also provides therapeutic pediatric massage therapy. “Through pediatric massage therapy, children with physical and emotional discomfort can find decreased pain, relaxation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and many other benefits,” explains Ms. Gwin.

Ms. Gwin graduated from Geneva College in 1997 and Clarion University with her masters in 1998. She became a massage therapist in 2016. She has experience working in clinics, hospitals, schools, early intervention, and home based care. She has extensive continuing education in feeding/swallowing and speech/language skills with additional training in the SOS approach, sensory integration, pediatric massage therapy, pediatric massage therapy for kids diagnosed with autism and cancer, and is a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

To learn more about how your child, or a child you love, can benefit from NURTURE Feeding and Communication Support, visit, call (412) 708-2080, or email