Franklin Park Borough and the North Allegheny School District Receive High National Rankings

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     By: Paula Green

We all know that Pittsburgh is some place special, but how about the fact that the North Hills community has recently been bestowed with two high national rankings.  Franklin Park, which has a population of approximately 13,470, has been named one of the best suburbs in the country, according to Business Insider

Franklin Park ranked 38 on the top 50 list.  Real estate in this borough has been on a steady rise but there are numerous reasons why this North Hills community garnered national recognition.

         According to Ned Bruns, realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, “Franklin Park is a real gem of the North Hills due to its low crime rates and its ideal location.  It is nestled within 25 minutes to the Pittsburgh Airport.  The real estate values in Franklin Park have continued to appreciate over the past five years.   This is thanks to Franklin Park having one of the lowest Municipal tax millages in Allegheny County resulting in slightly lower taxes, and a good combination of new construction and existing home sales.  The lots and housing plans in Franklin Park are usually larger and more wooded than what is found in neighboring communities.  Franklin Park is also near North Park with tons of outdoor recreational activities and Blueberry Hill Park.  Whenever I have a relocation buyer that is new to Pittsburgh, I am sure to specifically bring up the benefits and the features of Franklin Park.”

        Borough manager, Ambrose Rocca explains why he feels Franklin Park is flourishing. “The borough’s best assets are its employees.  Whether it’s the police responding to an emergency, the road crew to a snow storm or the administrative staff addressing a resident’s problem, our employees make the difference.   Through our employees’ efforts, we are able to maintain excellent recreational facilities such as Clover Hill Golf Course, and sports fields for youth leagues in football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, cricket, deck-hockey and numerous other non-league sports.

         Franklin Park residents have easy access to downtown Pittsburgh and are close to shopping and entertainment centers.  The borough has outstanding parks and recreation programs. Having a growing tax base, the borough is able to maintain a very low tax rate.  Having just recently paid off our bonds, the borough will utilize those funds to improve both transportation and recreation facilities.   Our primary focus is to provide Franklin Park residents the best possible service at the lowest possible costs; we try to be a citizen focused community.”

          Some Franklin Inn Park business owners feel that Franklin Park is ideal location as well.  The Franklin Inn is owned and managed by John and Wendy Cibula.  “John and I love owning and operating in Franklin Park.  In fact, the Franklin Inn is celebrating 36 years this month. We’ve seen the neighborhood really grow during this time and become more diverse making it an even more enriching place to be. Not only do we own a business in Franklin Park, it is also where we live, worship, and are raising our children. The Franklin Park community is very generous. Whenever we’ve supported and promoted any cause through the Inn, whether it be promoting Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry’s book sale, hosting a fundraising night for a family in need, the library or a youth sports team, the neighborhood is generous. Recently we collected items for a local nonprofit to send to our troops for Christmas.  We had three large boxes and two bags of donations. I was proud of our patrons when I dropped off large troop donations,” said Wendy.

          Franklin Park also received high marks (a ten) under the school category in the Business Insider rankings.  This borough lines within the North Allegheny School District which also earned its own special national recognition.

          North Allegheny School District ranked 9th out of more than 120,000 school districts in America for Best Public High Schools, according to Niche Rankings. Additionally, NASD was also recognized as the #3 district in Pennsylvania and the #1 district in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. The District was also ranked 5th best in the Nation for Best Public School Teachers.        

        “We do have cause to celebrate, said Dr. Raymond Gualtieri, superintendent of schools. “It is fair to say that – regardless of the methodologies or standards – the various national rankings place NA in the top 10% of their lists. The state rankings are just as superb. We are very proud and thankful!
          We are also inspired and committed to continuing the work that has brought us to this point.  It is now our goal to continue to be one of the Top 10 School Districts in the nation so that our students can have every advantage as we help to prepare them to take on the responsibilities of their future.”

           Northern Connection magazine congratulates Franklin Park Borough and the North Allegheny School District for their national honors and recognition.