North Pittsburgh Network Joins Together to Support Charities

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North Pittsburgh Network (NPN) is not your typical networking group. Instead of networking strictly to grow business relationships, NPN comes together to support and assist the events and programs of local charities. It is through this philanthropic focus that the members chose to network and learn more about each other and their businesses

According to NPN Co-Founders, Colleen Anthony, owner of MABC Mortgage, LLC and Brian Stumpf, Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial, it was the original intention to focus on charitable work in conjunction with business networking.  “It was a common thread among the original members of the group and continues with each member that we add.”  It turned out that people were more interested in getting together to sponsor a food drive or volunteer at a shelter than to meet for a happy hour after work.”

The transition was a natural adaptation. “We had built solid business relationships and friendships from within a traditional networking group,” continues Mrs. Anthony, “but there was an opportunity to do more.  We took the best features that traditional networking has to offer, like structuring our meetings and combining a variety of business professionals from different backgrounds, but then we really wanted to get our group involved in the community.  On average, our members have 15 years of experience in their fields, some with more than 30 years of industry experience!  It is probably not a surprise that many were already active in the community, so membership in NPN was a natural fit.”

This year, NPN is supporting both The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh and Light of Life Rescue Mission.

Ms. Anthony explains, “The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh has been a member of NPN since 2013, so naturally our members try to support their cause through volunteering, fundraising and building awareness.  We have also tried to incorporate at least one other charity organization in our efforts each year and that is based on suggestions from our members and voted on as a group. Light of Life was suggested by one of our members as a great cause to get behind and help support.  There was an overwhelmingly positive response from the group when presented with the opportunity to support Light of Life, and I think that has a lot to do with the alignment of both Emmaus’ and Light of Life’s mission. There are ALWAYS opportunities to support these causes – and that it is also really easy to do so.  Whether you are able to spend time with the residents of the organizations or assist with special events and fundraising, there are year-round opportunities.  If you register for the Ride-N-Stride event you will be supporting both causes, as well as, having a great time with your friends and family.”

Here is some background on these two, extremely worthwhile causes being supported by NPN:

The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh

For people with intellectual disabilities and their families, life after graduation can be a time of crisis. Without support, individuals may experience isolation and difficulty attaining a high quality of life. Many parents continue to care for their adult children with disabilities into their 70s and 80s and are forced to ask the most difficult question: “Who will care for my loved one when I’m gone?” The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh works to turn crises into opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to flourish.

The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh is a faith-based, non-profit organization which has been providing homes and services for people with intellectual disabilities for more than 26 years. At Emmaus, people with and without disabilities share their gifts and their lives. The Emmaus name is taken from a Biblical story in which three disciples encounter Jesus on the road to Emmaus but don’t recognize him until they sit and break bread together. At Emmaus, we come to know the unique gifts of each person by “breaking bread” together—literally, at the dinner table, but also figuratively, by walking the road of life together.

Participants of the Emmaus Residential Program live in inclusive, family-style homes, where a caring team provides individualized support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Staff provide assistance in all areas of daily life, and Emmaus residents are highly involved in their communities, whether working, volunteering, participating in classes and teams, attending church, or dining and shopping. In the Non-Residential Program, Emmaus provides support to individuals who are living in personal or family homes, helping them to build independence, develop new relationships, and prepare for future transitions.

Each resident or client comes to Emmaus with a unique story. Some of Emmaus’ residents grew up before community living was an option and spent years living in state-run institutions. Others came to Emmaus when their parents became too ill to care for them or passed away. For some, Emmaus is their only family. The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh ensures that every resident, regardless of their background, has a life full of meaningful opportunities and caring people, as well as a welcoming place to call Home.

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Light of Life Rescue Mission

When people think of Light of Life Rescue Mission, the first thing they typically think of is feeding the homeless.   It’s easy to see why food comes to mind since in 2015 alone Light of Life provided over 190,000 meals.  And while it is true that the Mission serves breakfast and dinner to the community every day of the year, they also offer much more than a meal.

Men and women with children come to Light of Life during really difficult times in their lives.  Often times they walk through the doors feeling hopeless and overwhelmed with their life circumstances, which can include homelessness, addiction, unemployment, and untreated mental or physical health issues.

Light of Life offers long-term programs for homeless men and women with children, which a person is typically in for 12-18 months.  The first half of the program is focused more on stabilizing, recovering, and healing from the past hurts that might have led to homelessness and addiction while the second half of the program is more geared toward identifying a person’s strengths and interests in order to connect them with education and employment opportunities.

Not only have the lives of the men, women and children who have gone through the programs been changed, but the lives of their family members and future generations have been positively affected.

Everything done at Light of Life- from the daily food service to the emergency shelter to the work program to the long-term programs- is done to form relationships with the homeless and hurting in order to meet their immediate needs and to share with them the hope of Christ.  It is because of the generous people of Pittsburgh that Light of Life has been able to provide food, shelter and hope for over 60 years.

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If you are interested in joining the North Pittsburgh Network or if you are a local Pittsburgh Based Non Profit or Charity that needs assistance with networking or to grow awareness for your cause, you can contact NPN to discuss potential options for networking, visit