NHRCES Builds New Leadership Initiative to Unify Regional Catholic Schools 

 Over the last decade, Catholic school enrollment in the North Hills region declined significantly, straining the budgets, leading to tuition increases and the closing of  some schools. Several Pastors requested assistance from the Diocese of Pittsburgh  to develop a sustainable model to preserve and strengthen Catholic education for  future generations.  

North Hills Regional Catholic Elementary Schools (NHRCES) has proactively responded to the regionalization plan by identifying short- and long-term goals to  ease this transition and developed a practical, phased plan of action for a successful outcome.  

Within the next three to six months, NHRCES plans to complete an extensive rebranding initiative to include recrafted Core Values, Vision and Mission statements; website updates; clearer guidelines and procedures; and improved signage on several school campuses.  

 NHRCES is the largest Catholic school entity in the northern region of Pittsburgh, offering a diverse population of over 1,500 students from 33 different parishes. The organization fosters spiritual development, service to community and a life-long love  of learning in every child, while building a Christ-centered foundation for its students. NHRCES promotes smaller class sizes, faith-based education, more individualized attention per student and a competitive curriculum that includes a strong concentration in technology, science and higher-level writing skills.   

For example, technology aids our students to produce and publish writing, link to and cite sources as well as to interact and collaborate with each other. During science instruction, students raise questions, formulate hypotheses, test, control experiments, recognize variables, interpret data and produce solutions. 

 NHRCES will facilitate a regional annual appeal to compliment individual school’s fundraising efforts with the participation and expertise of volunteers and alumni to reach the appeal goal. 

 In addition, NHRCES will build a stronger database to launch a series of effective direct mail campaigns to communicate upcoming events, programs and appeal efforts. An overview brochure will also be designed as a recruitment tool to better inform the public on all of the great opportunities that are available in our schools.  Several other initiatives include an e-newsletter and calendar of events geared toward parents and alumni to improve communication efforts and invite our business community leaders to generously sponsor programs so our children can excel beyond the classroom. 

  Our principals and teachers are the NHRCES’ most valued resource in the development of our students. Through their experience and dedication, students reach their potential academically, spiritually and personally throughout their school years. It is important that they have the tools and resources at their disposal to maintain high educational and spiritual standards for our children. 

 With this focus, NHRCES will create stronger, more vibrant schools and work together as a community to form a Catholic “school district” of distinction with unlimited growth potential. The rebranding, communication enhancements and school unification are just the beginning as NHRCES fosters and measures the results of these initiatives to ensure the goals are met in a continue effort to keep Catholic education first in the spirit of our region.  

 SIDE BAR: NHRCES will participate in the upcoming Pittsburgh and regional educational events such as “Give Big Day of Giving,” in November 2018 and  “Pittsburgh Catholic Schools Week” in January 2019.