Neil Haley CEO Total Tutor

Neil Haley

Neil Haley

By: Paula Green

Neil Haley is a man who wears many hats.  He is a producer, interviewer and journalist.  In addition, he is a teacher, coach, consultant, husband and the father of five children.  As he states, “This is an exciting time in my life.”    

Haley is CEO of Total Tutor, which is a one-stop service for tutoring and consulting.  The program offers kindergarten through college tutoring, coaching, and consulting.  The Total Tutor also provides enrichment opportunities, as well as personal mentoring, each designed for helping children achieve ultimate success.

Haley strives to find the proper avenues for kids to succeed. He is an advocate who helps with the Individual Evaluation Plan (IEP) process and works with schools in acquiring the proper accommodations for kids with special needs.  “I feel that parents should never give up.  You know your child, their likes and dislikes, and only you know what is best for your child.  In my Total Tutor business, as both a tutor an advocate, I insist on regular meetings with the parents.  I believe that by working together, we can best meet and serve the student’s needs,” Haley explained.

Through his Total Tutor program, Haley is also able to help folks maneuver their way through the ever-popular social media world.  “I offer social media and branding consulting.  I teach people how to create a brand and how to market their brand to customers.  I enjoy the coaching aspect of social media and branding consulting, which is far different from being in a classroom.  I have enjoyed great relationships with both companies and individuals, and their brands and products have become very successful,” Haley added.

Additionally, Haley also is the host of The Total Education Network which is a talk shop for parents, teachers and administrators.  This syndicated radio show airs on WRCT 88.3 FM Pittsburgh and 1080 AM WWNI Pittsburgh.

“Although I really enjoyed my 11 years in the classroom, I am proud of my inventiveness and all of the hard work I have done to establish myself as an entrepreneur.  The Total Education Network has 2.5 million listeners on 120 stations in 80 countries.  My celebrity interviews have been hugely successful, with too many famous celebrities and best-selling authors to list everyone,” Haley said.

Haley resides in Gibsonia with his wife Jennifer and their children – Anastasia (6), Ava (5), Annika (4), Max (2) and Xavier (1).  For more information on the services that Neil Haley provides through Total Tutor, visit