Northern Connection Distribution Points

Up to 20,000 upscale and quality magazines
printed and distributed MONTHLY to over 60,000 readers
to help your business connect to your community!

More than 800 distribution points are strategically targeted for our readers’ convenience. We have racks at the local grocery stores including Giant Eagle, Kuhns and Shop n’ Saves. Northern Connection is also displayed on its own racks at local restaurants, municipal buildings, shopping malls and office buildings, and is distributed to local hospitals, and medical buildings. What sets Northern Connection apart is that many of these distribution points are restocked throughout the month.

Northern Connection Magazine is also directly mailed into thousands of homes in the northern area of Pittsburgh.

Find Northern Connection Magazine here:

Assisted Living Facilities

Butler Hospital

Children’s Centers

Children’s Hospital North

CVS Drugstores

Doctor’s Offices

Giant Eagles

Locally Owned Businesses


Many Corporate Offices

Private/ Parochial Schools

Real Estate Offices



Suburban General Hospital

Municipal Centers


Car Dealerships

Day Care Centers



Local Colleges

Magee Women’s Care North

Medical Centers

Municipal Buildings

Advertisers’ Locations

Passavant Hospital


Retirement Centers

Shop ‘N Save Stores

Places of Worship