Navigating through 8 Spring Fashion Trends

By Suzanne Mauro, AICI

Navigating through spring 2016’s Fashion Trends can be a little bit overwhelming, even for a fashion folk like me. Deciding what to add to our wardrobes is quite a challenge, but luckily, I am here to do the work for you and fill you in on the must-have items to buy this spring, so read on to start your outfit planning now.

1) Anything Off-The-Shoulder. Some may call it the cold shoulder, but this trend is hot, hot, hot. An off-the-shoulder top or dress showcases just the right amount of skin, flatters a variety of body shapes and sizes and can give off that laid-back romantic vibe we are totally into for spring and summer. Plus you can pair your off-the-shoulder tops well with pretty much anything you have in your closet. Whether you are headed to a music concert, the farmer’s market or have an exciting evening planned, there’s a version of flattering off-the-shoulder top and dress fit for every occasion.

2) Denim, Denim, Denim.  It is time to think outside of your typical jeans and chambray shirt and introduce other denim pieces into your wardrobe. This spring, denim reigns supreme, its versatility lets you create a style all your own. Whether it be a denim dress, hat or crop pant, you will want anything jean-like in your closet this season. Don’t be afraid to try a denim dress for the office. You can add a belt or jacket, taking it to a whole new level. With denim’s extended moment in the sun, you will want to experience every style.

3) Shoes That Wrap & Tie.  Get ready for the lace-up shoe. You can go all-out with laces that go from toes to shin, or a lace-up ballerina flat. They’re delicate, very feminine and they ask for attention. It is hard not to stare at someone when they have these gorgeous flats on their feet. The good news is that they are a perfect transition piece into spring and summer.

4) The Culotte Crop Pant. This new pant was seen on the spring runways and pre-fall 2016 presentations. Lean and cut significantly above the ankle. I know this new pant may be scary, but fear not here are some tips to looking great in a pair. A crop pant should hit at the skinniest part of your ankle for the most flattering silhouette. Try pairing a shorter pant with a fitted top or jacket to keep your proportions balanced.

5) Lace. One of the big trends this season is colored lace. A colored lace makes quite a statement and is an excellent party dress and a great alternative to the LBD. Whether it is a staple part of your wardrobe or for a special occasion only, lace is an elegant and on-trend choice of fabric this spring. If you go for a colored lace dress pair it with neutral accessories.

6) Floral Trend. Bigger and brighter prints are proving popular this spring and summer and with such a wide selection of floral clothing, shoes and accessories, you can be guaranteed to find something that takes your fancy. It is a time for being outside and showing off your personal style and with the superb range of floral prints, you can reflect upon these gorgeous seasons and embrace your style.

7) Pastels. Pastels is one of the major trends this spring season, but many women find wearing them a challenge. Some say they can wash you out or look too “sweet”. When wearing pastels greys, pinks and blues try to combine them with something colorful. A colorful necklace, scarf, bag or even lipstick. Pastels always look beautiful with cream or white which will create a very chic and soft look. Sometimes combining two renditions of the same pastel shade can be stunning as well.


8) Athleisure Trend – This trend is doing nothing but picking up speed. This trend of sportswear-meets-streetwear blend is tricky, so when it comes to athleisure, it is all about balance and is best pulled off at a happy medium. You can mix your slouchy pants with a cropped jacket or a crisp white sporty shoe with a dress or skirt. Maybe break up a tailored tracksuit jacket with a skinny jean or denim shirt. Remember wear anything too oversized and baggy pieces will end up looking messy.


This spring you will find fashion to suit every mood and there are so many fun pieces out there for the taking. So look around and I challenge you to buy at least one trend/piece and add it to your spring/summer wardrobe. It will not only reboot your style but it will make you feel fabulous. Remember there are clothes that make you feel good, and there are clothes that make everyone around you feel good.  I guarantee your new piece will make you feel and look great this season.


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Suzanne Mauro, AICI