Interested in Essential Oils? Already use them? Naturalis is the place for you!

Naturalis Essential Oils + Wellness is a unique store front conveniently located in Pittsburgh offering a wide range of wellness resources. Visit our website:

Colleen Anthony and Abbey Koenig, founders, set two goals. “provide education for people to enhance their knowledge regarding natural options; and provide easy access to the products and resources that have impacted the lives of so many. We were extremely selective with the brand of oils & products we chose to align ourselves with. Months of research, education and personal usage lead us to “dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®” essential oils & products.

“Find your balance” is a slogan you will find displayed at Naturalis. We know it’s a struggle to find a reasonable balance between health & wellness and the fast pace in which we tend to maintain our lives. Prioritizing our own health and wellness tends to become secondary for many. You CAN find balance that doesn’t require a complete overhaul.  If you can lean in a little, you will find simple ways to infuse natural options that can make a noticeable difference.

Whether you are new to essential oils or a long-time user, Naturalis offers an abundance of resources for everyone! We know there are other brands available.  We welcome everyone to our store.  We offer the ITOVI nutritional scanner, pay per ounce for carrier oils, glass bottles ranging from 2ml drams to 10ml rollers, spray bottles and labels & most importantly, you can pay per drop for “doTERRA CPTG® oils”. We are open daily from 10-4. We would be happy to help you “find your balance”.

Visit our store location at: 
2001 Kinvara Drive, B#1
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237