Natural Spring cleaning tips for your hair and skin

The transition from winter to spring is my favorite time of year.  But, one thing that isn’t easy is the stark move from everything thick and cozy to light and airy.  Spring clothes are just the beginning of showing some skin.  As the weather warms up, a lot of us are emerging with dry, flaky, and pale skin, which is never in style. 

Hair too, has not escaped the wrath of winter. Our crowning glory also has also been subjected to indoor heat and low humidity, making the perfect spring storm for a dry, brittle and frizzy mess.  Its time get winter off the brain and put it into storage with all those sweaters. Start removing those winter layers and start prepping yourself for spring!|

Skin so soft

The first step to shedding your dry and scaly winter skin is to start exfoliating.  The best way is to try a DIY natural concoction to get the most gentle, yet best results.  A good, natural scrub doesn’t need a lot of ingredients, in fact, the” less is more” adage definitely fits in nicely here.  Fresh from the pantry goodies such as coconut oil mixed with sugar will provide your skin with not only a good exfoliation, but also a much needed boost of moisturization, not to mention, the yummy fragrance will stay with you all day.  Use it in the shower by scrubbing gently all over then rinse with warm, not hot water.  Your skin will feel as soft and silky as a freshly bloomed spring tulip!  Have you ever heard of a body brush?  Well, it’s just what you would expect it to be!  A specially designed brush takes aim to remove dead skin cells.  Much like a loofah, a good body brush should be made with natural boar bristles that will gently exfoliate all of your dead, dry skin cells and will leave you with smooth, radiant skin. Give yourself a good brush-down paying attention to elbows, knees and heels. Don’t forget to moisturize after your brushing.  BY moisturizing right after, you will be sure to keep that fresh layer of baby soft skin protected.  Do this every day, preferably before bedtime to help not only soften skin but to detoxify as well as our bodies detox better when we sleep.

Tamed tresses

Your hair has most likely been victimized by the frigid and dry air.  It’s been exposed to a plethora of harsh elements from cold wind to indoor dry air to everything in-between.  To help get it in shape for the new season, you’ll need more than just conditioner.  First, a good cut will rid lackluster tresses of split ends, and don’t discount the need for a good brushing.  Your hair, just like skin needs to be exfoliated too, and the way to do that is by brushing out all the dead strands.  Choosing a good conditioning balm or mask works well but if you prefer natural, fresh ingredients then try a DIY hair mask.  There are lots of recipes to use but one of my favorite never fail pantry fares include olive oil.  Never underestimate the beauty power of olive oil.  By combining just a few teaspoons with some tea tree oil, you have a natural and potent hair repair that will let your hair shine as bright as the spring sun rising!  Massage the fresh mixture into your scalp and pull through to the ends.  Leave on for a few minutes then rinse, and wash and condition using your regular products.  Keep this up for at least once a week for a few weeks and feel the difference- your hair will be thanking you with all of the compliments that are likely to follow!

Hands, feet and nails– Your hands and feet have been tucked away all winter beneath bulky socks and gloves and now that Spring has sprung, you need to get moving on your spring cleaning if you want their big debut to be beautiful!  One of the easiest DIY foot and hand remedies are salt and sugar scrubs.  These scrubs really deliver and not only because it’s pleasantly pleasing, the exfoliation factor really packs a punch.  A few good combinations are all it takes to get your hands, nails and feet in working order so do try and enjoy!  These combos are a lot like baking- just combine, mix and slather on!  Each one has a good mixture of exfoliation, moisture and scent that will be sure to please even the most persnickety person!  Banana, sugar and vanilla scrub,  sea salt and peppermint extract scrub, pink sea salt and lavender scrub,  Rosemary, lemon rind and coarse salt scrub, salt & citrus ( orange, lime or lemon) scrub, sugar and fresh tomato scrub, and brown sugar, vanilla and coconut scrub. 

     There’s nothing quite as splendid as a bit of “at home” beauty TLC to start off not only your day, but a brand new season!  Bring your hair and skin back to life in synchronicity with the soon to be blooming of the spring trees and flowers!