Montessori Children’s Community will celebrate a 25th anniversary in 2016. 

Children may begin attending Montessori Children’s Community as early as 2 years 7 months and now have the opportunity to stay through the 8th Grade. Unique to Montessori are multi-age classrooms, the vast interconnected Montessori curriculum, and the individualized education of the whole child.

Children’s House is for ages 2 years 7 months through 6 years.  The Extended Day or Kindergarten year is the capstone year for Children’s House. The children learn by doing. The carefully prepared classroom, where everything is just their size, is full of beautiful materials. The concrete materials let children explore the world through their senses. In addition, children enjoy Music, Spanish, and Body Movement weekly. Montessori felt this was the time when a child has the greatest ability to learn.   Grades 1 to 3 compose the Lower Elementary classroom and the Upper Elementary houses grades 4 to 6.  During the elementary years, children are interested in the “whole of life”. They are curious, fascinated, and eager to learn more about the world around them. This is the time that Dr. Montessori felt they should be provided with an overview of the big picture of the universe. Montessori Children’s Community emphasizes reading, math, language, handwriting, and what the cultural subjects of History, Zoology, Botany, Geography, as well as socialization and self-esteem. The Elementary program is further enriched with Spanish, Music, Art, Science, Computer Lab and Physical Education.  MCC is home to the Sewickley Montessori Middle School, the only Montessori Middle School program in Pittsburgh.  The program focuses on the adolescent and is like no other Middle School Program.  Adolescence is a period of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth.  Sewickley Montessori Middle School’s goal is to meet the developmental needs of young adolescents by providing a challenging academic environment that encourages their natural growth, fosters independence and is connected to the “outside” world while working in a close-knit community of peers and adults.  SMMS graduates are prepared for High School and eager to embrace what lies ahead of them.

Montessori Children’s Community gives students a “place to belong”.  Students and parents can look forward to outcomes such as independence, confidence, collaboration, time-management and decision-making skills, the love of learning, conflict resolution, respect for others, respect for one’s self, and respect for one’s environment.  These traits are fostered at an earliest of ages at MCC and in all the years that follow.  An MCC education helps to nurture and shape the child into the adult that he/she will one day become – curious, compassionate, confident, collaborative, contributing members of society.  Students from other learning environments are welcome to apply at any age from 2 years 7 months through 8thgrade. To learn more, visit