Summer style– Mix and Match your Best & Brightest

June14 NC web banner-3By Kelly Smith

     Summer is finally here and I don’t know about you but I am tossing aside the dark and dreary duds and pulling out the bright and cheery colors of summer!  Everyone can rock the mixing and matching trend this year but there are a few tricks that you should stick to when mixing bold colors.  You can create a perfect match but do not go overboard with the mindset of “anything goes.”  Your goal should be to look bright and beautiful in your ensemble when you leave your home but not so jumbled in color that you look like you’re hopping a flight to Rio to partake in a Samba at Carnaval.  Following these few guidelines will keep you in bright spirits this summer:

Color blocking– This look is back and in a big way this year.  Color blocking is pretty foolproof as long as you stick to solids and avoid small prints.  If mixing lots of bright colors seems too daring, start by choosing 2 solid colors even if one is white.   For example, choose a solid fuchsia top and pair it with white jeans then top it off with accessories in a complimentary color, such as turquoise.  If the creative part of your brain is on pause, don’t worry!   You can try a ready to wear look such as a maxi dress or a cute bright blouse, perhaps in 2 shades of chartreuse thrown over jeans and carefully paired with silver or gold jewelry.

Color wheel— Never try to mix too many colors at once.  Remember, you want to create interest, not a spectacle.  Here’s my idea of some good color combos that mesh well together.  For sake of ease, I am using the colors in their best received understanding to most of us but feel free to tweak these either way on the color wheel:   Red & pink, pink & orange, pink & purple, purple & green, green & blue, yellow & blue, well, you get the point and let’s not forget to throw in some small doses of black and white in there! These are all really pretty general ideas and there are so many variations of shades (I especially love the sherbet & coral this year!) that dressing in bright colors is almost mistake proof.

Accessories— As always, a good outfit is easily transformed into a great outfit once you slap on those accessories!  Try to pick one color from your outfit and keep the look uniform.  In other words, choose 1 or 2 accent pieces like a scarf and a bracelet or a bright pair of sandals teamed up with a cute matching purse.  If you’re not into bright accessories then by all means, opt for a shiny metal in gold, silver, or even crystal gemstones.

     Dressing in bright colors can really be uplifting but there’s a fine line between a mild mis-match and a fashion clash of the colors so if you stick close to the color wheel (just Google “fashion color wheel”) you’ll be fashionably fine!  If not, start practicing those Samba moves.